Sunday, October 30, 2011

Colby's Homecoming

Colby came home from his mission in Washington, D.C. Colby is over a year older than Noble and we were all at his farewell. He gave a great talk with his father and his brother Spencer. We also had a good time seeing old friends from Fernley. It is great to go back and visit.

Shay got done with soccer this week and with marching band. He should have his life back. We mentioned this to Shay and Shay started singing from Fiddler on the Roof, ''To Life, to Life, Lachiam". We all started laughing.

This last week I have been substituting a class of 5 autistic boys. We have had some big challenges with several things and I am sure it is because the boys have been missing their teacher Stephanie who had to have knee surgery. Stephanie is a good friend of mine so I have been calling her to get some help. We have been trying to reward good behavior every minute or so to help the boys to act appropriately. I can really tell the difference in only a couple of days. It looks like I will be teaching in this class till we go to Boston for Devree's surgery. These are adorable little boys.

Tomorrow is October 31st so Happy Halloween Everybody!

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