Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is John, (Todd's brother) and Mary and their 7 dwarfs for Halloween. We loved this picture so much we had to share it with everyone.

At my birthday lunch with Dane showing his new retainer. The retainer is to push his 2 top front teeth out behind his bottom front teeth. This retainer stays on 24/7 while he eats etc. His teeth are supposed to move out rather quickly and then he will just wear the retainer at night.

We had lunch at the Green Papaya, a Thai restaurant and we ordered 1 Thai Banana split first because we always order the dessert first for special occassions. This was delicious with a thick sweet sticky rice under the ice cream. It was a half day of school so I took off from teaching the Autistic Class and took Devree to one doctor appointment and Dane to get his retainer. So it was just the 3 of us. That night Todd grilled the most delicious steaks for my birthday dinner. I spent the rest of the day shopping for ME! I got a lot of nice clothes for me and some neato warm boots that go above my knees.

It snowed today. This is our car with it melting rapidly.

Ready for church with the snow on the lawn. We have our Thanksgiving turkey flag up and our house ready for the next holiday.

Todd got in to the spirit of snow by wearing his snowman tie. Someone at church said he should be wearing a turkey tie, and not a Christmas tie. But he was not thinking of Christmas, just of the snow.

As we get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thankful for many things. We continue to receive money for Devree's operation next week. Our ward, the Comstock ward, the stake and the community have been very generous. There are 11 year-old girl twins in Minden who read about Devree in the paper and put a collection jar at their school. They just sent $200 to Devree. The bus driver that knew and liked Noble since his freshman year in high school, read about Devree and is getting a collection together for Devree. The bus driver is matching what the other bus drivers donate. We heard this from someone in our ward that overheard the bus drivers. We are excited to get to Boston next Monday for the first operation on Devree's face. We will blog about that next week. This is truly a time of Thanksgiving. We hope you think about all of the blessings you are thankful for.

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