Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Rest of Boston

This is a quilt that hung in the Cambridge Stake Center where we went to church in Boston.

Isn't it amazing?

Someone wanted to take our picture with it.

We also got to see the "Pompei" exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston on Saturday. Our lovely lady host used her museum membership to get us great discounts. These are actual "shin guards" that the ancient people of Pompei used. They were in a glass case. We wanted Noble to see these.

This is a helmet.
The Pompei exhibit was extraordiary with hundreds of artifacts including frescos, jewelry, medical equipment, cooking utensils, and even the plumbing from the ancient city and also there were 2 films explaining how they lived and how the volcano covered the city and there was even a time elapse to show you how long it took to bury the city in ash. There were several plaster molds of victims including a pig and a dog. It was heart breaking to think about how this city became a history exhibit.

The parallels between their society and ours is very similar. I think we might be ripe for destruction when I saw how our world is so much like Pompei. Just an awesome insight into what the future might hold.

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