Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First Smile Procedure

Devree is getting her surgery right now. She is going to get an eye brow lift, an eyelid weight and a lower lid tuck along with her nerve transplant and tunneled on her upper lip from the good side to the bad.

We had a hard time getting to Boston. When we got on the plane in Reno, it backed up and discovered one of the engines was not firing. We had to be rerouted on another carrier and didn't get to Boston till almost midnight. Then woke up early for our first appointment to check in with the doctor. Because we got in so late, our hospitality host called us and told us we needed to stay in a hotel. We called a Holiday Inn that is 1/3 mile from the hospital. We ate at Legal Seafood and the waitress asked about Devree's story and Devree's meal was complimentary. Todd loved the Boston Cream Pie we ate FIRST and then he had coconut shrimp and I had a lobster roll. DELICIOUS!

Our Hospitality Host is wonderful. She lives about 4 miles from the hospital and we were able to get to her by the "T" the subway and bus system for Boston. She lives in a lovely 200 year old house and has been offering her house to out of town patients for years. She is a retired nurse. What a wonderful person she is.

Just heard from Dr. Hadlock. Everything went perfectly. She found a good nerve and was able to transplant. The doctor said she will have alot of bruising because it was a lot of incisions. We can't wait to see our Devree girl.

Devree with her, "Here I am!", look. I feel like hamburger. It kind of makes me think of Miss Piggy in Muppets From Space. She is on the losing end of a karate fight. She says, "Is that all ya got!" "Is that all ya got." "Is that all ya got..."

Straight Face

Smiling Face

Dr. Hadlock lifted the left eye up a bit so it will match the right on the right. A brow lift that the scar will be up in the hairline. Then a platinum weight in the crease of her right eye to help it close better and the right bottom lid with a tuck so it doesn't droop in the middle. The nerve was put in the inside of her right cheek and tunneled through to the good side inside her mouth, so no scars to see.


Arianne said...

Glad you got to Boston safely. Thinking of and praying for Devree today.

Jeanni said...

What a blessing she looks so happy after surgery! I guess that is what you can expect from Devree though. What a wonderful young lady she is! We miss you guys lots! Thanks for the updates!