Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Devree made a turkey shaped cheese ball.

She used brocolli for the eyes, red pepper for the gobbler and almonds for the beak.

Sitting around the table telling what we are thankful for.

Uncle Ky and Aunt Tammie


Megan and Devree watching "The Perfect Man".

Locey not wanting his picture taken.

The Urgent care here in Dayton would not take out Devree's stitches. She had some on top of her head that her doctor said "A Monkey could take out those". Todd took them all out and he did a fantastic job. Devree went to church and everything.

Ky riding his motorcycle. He brought up his 2 motorcycles and one quad and we went riding for 3 days! There are so many trails so close to us and everybody had a great time.

Spencer showing off his truck he got for his 16th birthday! A very nice 2005 Toyota Tacoma.

Shay and Skyla riding.

Spencer getting ready to ride. Where is your helmet? We always wear a helmet.

Dane getting ready to go.

Todd really enjoyed the small motorcycle of Tammies. He thinks he would like to get one.

Buckle that helmet on good.

We are so happy that the Ky Rice's could come and celebrate Thanksgiving with us. It was so wonderful and fun and we saw movies and went Black Friday shopping, got pedicures, watched lots of movies, played games and had a ton of delicious food. Thanks for coming everyone. The next time we get together will be for Kolten's homecoming.

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