Tuesday, July 17, 2012

St. Judes and New York

We went to St. Judes for a check up and everything went really well.  But our laptop was not working.  So Devree wanted to go to New York for her high school graduation We went to Times Square the very first thing after our scary hired van ride from the airport.  Our van driver got in a shouting, swearing match with another driver when we parked to let someone off at their hotel.  The driver dropped everyone off and wanted to know what religion we were.  We had a very spiritual discussion about him almost dying and realizing God exists. 

We went to the Natural History Museum at the last hour it was open so it would be free.   Devree pointed to the bone on the dinosaur above her head and I told her and this is the expression she gave me.

We met the O'Barrs in NYC and had lunch and went to the 911 memorial, the subway, Central Park and then the Museum.  We are sitting and relaxing in the park.  It was HOT, HUMID and very sweaty.

Here is Aubrey and Tanner sitting on Hallie's "cave".  She wanted to take this lovely rock with her so she could have it at her home.  Her parents were very creative to figure out how to make her understand about her "cave".
Devree and I saw New York on a shoe string and we did everything very economical.  Like visiting the museum in the last hour when it is free and going on the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, to see the Statue of Liberty.  It is under renovation so you cannot go ON the island.  It makes me feel so Patriotic to see her standing there.

A closer picture. 

It was so amazing to go into this special place when all of the world outside is LOUD, and lots of times DIRTY and where our hotel was ICKY!  So to go into the quiet, cleanness with reverence was so amazing in this big city.

You can see the little bit of stained glass before you enter the temple part.

Devree did spend her hard earned money to see "The Lion King".  This is a sculpture of Rafiki..

Devree being "Vanna" to show these really unique lamps at the museum.

This is the top of the lamps with Eagles on them.

Space is at a Premium in New York City so parking lots are elevators!  Devree and I had so much fun and we walked our socks off.  We visited Little Italy and New York Cheesecake there.  The trip was fast but it was very fun.  Happy Graduation Devree!

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Powla said...

How exciting and fun! I look forward to sharing our New York experiences with each other. What a wonderful trip!