Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Third Day in Mass Eye and Ear

Today is supposed to be the worst day for swelling.  Her stitches by her nose are pulling out from where they were and her cheek is larger today.  She has energy and has already walked around "the block" which is the whole 11th floor which is kind of like a funny square.  The doctor is very happy with the results and Devree should be getting her drain out of her neck tomorrow.  She is taking veryl little pain meds and her leg hurts the worst.  There are two incisions on her upper right thigh.  The outer incision is where they harvested the tendon to help her nose to move over.  Her leg has a drain on it too which is like a little plastic bubble that hangs down.  Her inner thigh hurts the most.  This is where the small sliver of muscle and vein was harvested.  It too has a "bauble" as Devree calls it and hangs down to drain the area.  Her facial artery was too small to help the new muscle tissue so a vein had to be transplanted.  The doctor says the small artery is caused by chemo therapy.  Devree is getting shots in her tummy to thin her blood so she doesn't get blood clots and she is taking some Previcid to prevent acid reflux or anything to make her throw up, because her stitches go clear under her chin and half way around her neck.

So the funny thing today.  Devree is given a 4 stopper walker (No wheels) to walk around the halls.  She doesn't like that because basically she picks it up and carries it like a big box.  Anyway she is waddling down the hall and says "I am waddling like a penguin".  I told her 'You are walking like a penguin that is carrying an egg.  No make that 2 EGGS! (because of the 2 blood baubles).  I started laughing at my own joke and Devree said "Come Here so I can beat you with my walker!"


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Thanks for the update:). What an amazing miracle and I am always so inspired by your positive attitude! Love you, Aunt Celest

Powla said...

That was very interesting about how they "harvested" a tendon and nerve from her leg. I was wondering why her leg was hurting. I'm glad you are able to keep your sense of humor through everything! :)