Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rice Reunion June, 28-July 1, 2012

 Me with Teril, Dane, Kylee, Craig holding Zachary.  I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese while the youth and adults went to the Columbia River Temple.  We even had some ancestor names!
 Charity showing us her favorite fingers to suck.  Just like her Great Aunt Shana and her Daddy Sand!
 Kyran telling Megan and she has the look of "I can't believe that!"
 Mayson being a good Mommy to Charity but Charity not wanting to show us her "Cotton Candy" hair.
Jaxson and Danawn checking out breakfast at our hotel in Pasco before the reunion.
Grandpa, Grandma and Tyreed having the buffet breakfast at the hotel.

The Rice/Rangel doing their family cheer that was adorable.  "Ice Ice Baby" became "Rice Rice baby".

 Craig and the rest of the Schumann's doing their talent!  Yea!  We loved their talents.
 Teril doing her cheer with Stan as the Number 1!
 Coy, Troy and Ryland spelled out their cheer.  So adorable!
Bos knows the Prophets but he was too shy.  Emily and Kamon can quote the Prophets backwards!
Bos and Vance ready to do their talent.  Vance loves his thumb.

The Walkers enjoying the talent night.

Having a meal in the beautiful outdoors of Camp Zarahemla.

Todd, Craig, Kylee and Koe enjoying the amphitheater.

The "Cheezy" smiles in the great outdoors.

Shay, Tyreed and Craig shooting the breeze.

The cute Jensen family

Kylee not wanting to smile for us.

Jensen's again.

Poor Spencer was not feeling so well all week.  Hugging on Dane and Dane hoping he doesn't get sick.
Teara being her beautiful self.

Kamon throwing Vance high in the air with Teara and Devree looking on.

Carson, Jaxson and Dane hanging out.

Troy building little villages on the ground.

Ryland had many tales of wolves howling and eating us and alligators that lived in the green glacier water.

The whole "Got Rice?" 2012 reunion except for Cody who was gone.
The Jensens

The Hamblins

Danawn without Monte and without Sand and Carlina Schumanns

Great Grandma and Grandpa Rice

The Rice/Rangel's except for Kaylun

The Walkers
Coy, Troy, Ryland and Stan and Teril Petersen

Teril and Stan

Coy and the girls.

Coy, Ryland, Kolten and Kalene just hanging out.

The Walkers

The Cody Walkers

Danawn slaved for a most DELICIOUS HUGE Sunday Dinner.


Vance with something deliciously chocolaty on his face.

Todd talking with Dad

Playing games.  What else?
Emily showed us some new games.

 Kolten and Kalene painting, part of our arts, crafts and writing letters to Noble and Kaylun on Sunday.
Tyreed looking at all of Great Grandpa Rice's fishing equipment.  Uncle Ky making sure he gets EVERYTHING he wants because Tyreed actually knew what the different equipment was used for what kind of fish. .

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