Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and Noble's 19th Birthday

We did get snow but as you can see lots of rain and this was Shay's attempt to keep one big snowball. Dane was holding the umbrella to prevent Shay from getting too wet.

Mom and Dad came to live with us for a while. We were invited to the Fraser's for Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful meal.

The Johnson's and the Brook's came also.

Jayson , Shay, Tommy and Riley Fraser.

Dave, Leanne and Anna
Christmas Morning surrounded by gifts.
Dane and Shay gave each other the same gift from the Dollar store.
Noble is happy with his controller for the computer.
No Todd is not the new Ax murderer. Noble gave Todd a hatchet to build the fires better.
Shay and Dane got the rocks (hand holds) for their indoor rock climbing wall!

Noble with his game playing stuff for the computer. He wants to play old school.
Devree has been sick for the last week. She really didn't feel good at all. Dane gave her a beautiful ornament.

Grandma and Grandpa Rice got their 60th Wedding Anniversary pictures published in a book. They loved it and looked at the pictures over and over. Thanks Kacey for taking such awesome pictures.
Dane was surprised to get a Nintendo DS. He has been asking for 1 for the last 2 years.
Todd got a warm hat from Grandma.
Shay got a 'keg" of rootbeer. It was gourmet root beer and was in an unusual container.

I got what I wanted for about 3 years. A faxer, scanner, color printer and color copier. I really was surprised.
Noble loved his Hoops and Yoyo birthday card.
Happy Birthday Noble! He got headphones and they are noise cancelling.
Noble blew out all of the 19 candles. YEA no Girl Friends!
At 6:15 am we took Noble breakfast in bed. Manny spent the night and covered up his face when we came in. They both enjoyed going snowboarding on Noble's birthday and the next 2 days.
We had a wonderful Christmas. We felt very blessed and overflowing with love to have Grandma and Grandpa Rice here. Christmas was really what you always hope it will be like. I was especially trying to remember every moment thinking of Noble going on his mission and not being here for the next 2 Christmas'. Life changes so rapidly, you need to treasure every minute. We hope you enjoyed every precious moment of your Christmas and start your new year with focusing on important things.
Our Missouri Cousins doing their Nativity on Christmas Eve.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Catch up TIME!

Devree in background with Mrs. Bumgartner with the microphone.
Devree was festive with a bow and ribbon in her hair.
The whole advanced choir.
At the Cancer Support Group Chirstmas party.
Santa at the Cancer Party.
Shay really got his face painted at the Cancer party. He even wore it to school where his first period teacher, Mr. Marlowe said in a stern voice "Go wash that off RIGHT NOW!
A Night in Bethlehem was the ward party. Everyone was good sports and dressed up. The Activity comittee had easy ups covered in fabric and it looked very authentic.
The Bishop's family sat next to us.
The Bishop.

One family had an authentic shepherds crook.
The different booths had mediterranean food. It was delicious. Our taxes we paid were dessert. The desserts were not authentic but oh so sweet and delicous. I think back in the day they thought honey, dates and nuts were dessert.

Noble and Todd were shepherds during the finale of Christ's birth. Here they look like they are on something. Todd has a hard time having his eyes open for any pictures.
The kids surrounded the Baby Jesus and the stable.

A better view of the stable and the manger right in front.

Shay marched again in Virginia City's Parade of lights. He was lucky it was not cold that night. The year previously with Noble it was 10 below 0!
I sure do have a hard time getting pictures of moving targets! Shay is down from the kid that stepped in front as I was taking the picture. Oh well.

Stephen in the hat on the left.
No Shay again!

The cute little town of Virginia City. People had their cars covered in lights and drove in the parade.
Even the horses were decorated for Christmas.

We took the kids out of school to go cut our Christmas tree. Noble is sporting his hat he bought in Idaho at Thanksgiving. The snow was over a foot and we couldn't get our car in very far. There were no trees to cut here anyway.
Playing in the snow.
Devree is ready.
We finally found our tree and it was a hard thing to get to the car. Whew we finally did it though. Home to decorate it and now Christmas really abounds at our house.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Mission Call

Noble reading his mission call to the Philippines Cauayan Mission. He reports to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on March 2nd. We found out you say it Cauayan like Hawaiian with a "Ka" sound.
Making good food at the Browns in Burley. Devree and Aunt Jan. Lots of games were played.

On Thanksgiving we did a 5k "Turkey Trot" We are posing with the "turkey". Shay is in the red coat, Todd, Turkey and Myself (Shana).

Shay, Tricia, Dane, Myself, Noble and Todd all did it in -7 degree weather.

We finished except Dane. I was helping Dane to the 1/2 way mark and he tells me that he forgot to wear socks and was wearing too big of snow boots that were making blisters. The firemen that were helping with the race took Dane back at the 1/2 way mark.

Tricia after the race with Cindy. We got Turkey Trot t-shirts for everyone.
Thanksgiving feast.
Finally got a picture of Chris. Dane is in the background... happy about pie.

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Browns. Thank you Aunt Jan, Uncle Brownie, Chris, Cindy and Tricia for the wonderful few days. We love all of you and look forward to the next time we meet.
Noble was excited about his mission call. We had to google earth it and realize it really is 1/2 around the world! He is in the Northern part of the Philippines and will speak Tagalog. It is amazing to see that he will be farther away than Korea and Japan. It is right below Taiwan and very close to China. He only needs to bring short sleeve white shirts and SANDALS! Our whole family never would have guessed that he would go so far away. Out of Hamblin's and Rice's he will have gone the farthest. Todd went to England, but the Philippines is still farther. Todd's paternal grandparents lived there for a few years. We feel very blessed that Noble will have this experience.