Sunday, May 27, 2012

Devree graduates Seminary. May 2012

Devree with Laura and Nica at the Senior Award Ceremony.

Devree got lots of awards.  Here she is wearing her stole for Honor Society.

She got an award for being in the top 10% of the graduating class.

She got the 3rd and 4th year academic bars for being on the Honor roll all 4 years.

Posing with her Honor Society stole.

Devree got the PRINCIPALS award for the girl that had to overcome many challenges.  She won for the females of the senior class.

Devree, Chantel are in front and Cameron was in back.  We are very proud Devree got a 4 year graduation from Seminary.  She is on her way.

It was a little sad at the awards ceremony that Devree found out the big scholarship that she was one of the finalists for and lost.  The scholarship was for a student that had to overcome great hardship.  The award was given to a girl that didn't seem like she had overcome anything.  Devree also found out that another scholarship she had applied for with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation was given to another student.   But we are proud of all that Devree has been able to accomplish in her 4 years of high school.  She is excited to move on to college and leave high school behind.  Her graduation is this week.