Sunday, April 25, 2010

Todd's 45th Birthday

Devree with what she calls her "Frankenstien feet". She had knee socks on under her braces with big white socks, that Todd gave her, to put over her braces so she could match her Sunday outfit.
Dane was too far away to get a non blurry picture. He is at his "Earth Day" music concert.

Breakfast in Bed for Todd's birthday. This was at 5:30AM

I finished my "Pursuit of Excellence" and at our Stake Relief Society Conference, they presented me with a bag.
So our week was filled with a music concert for Dane, Todd's birthday, soccer, baseball and pole vaulting. Todd was trying to go to all three sports yesterday while I went to the Women's conference.
We had an awesome almost all day date on Thursday, Todd's birthday. He decided to go to a half day of work and then he came home and we went to the temple. It was a great way to celebrate. Dane said something funny about Todd. Todd asked Dane if he would take care of Todd when he got old. Dane started giggling. Todd asked "Why are you laughing?" Dane replied "You are already old, Dad."
So as we all get older, I hope you are making the most of this life. Are you enjoying it to the fullest? Yes! We are too!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball to Scouting to Cuba

Shay at his Piano recital. He did very well. He had to get up early to go to a soccer game first, then the recital at 10am.
Dane had his first baseball game. He was getting ready to bat.

Here is "the lefty". He is the biggest and oldest of his team. He did awesome in he batting cage, but alas he didn't connect in the first game.
Shay trying his casting before he goes on his campout. He only had a rubbery octopus on the end. No hook. I had to tell him the story of the "Hooked Scout" so he would be careful.
He climbed the tree and said he was "learning to fish from a tree."
Dane with his team at opening day of baseball.
Devree and Beth (Noble's girlfriend) did a Spanish class project together. They did a poster about Cuba and had to find some clean phrases and their favorite is "The hair of the mango" which means it is too much. They are going to make some empanadas for their class on Wednesday. I told them they have to make extra so our family can enjoy them too
This video clip is of Noble doing his pole vaulting. He now has gotten to 9 feet. Todd and I were able to see him in Dayton when they had a track meet on Wednesday. A boy from Fernley won by getting over 15 feet. This is really the first year that Noble has been able to pole vault a few times. He should've started when he was a freshman but didn't think about it till now.
Today Dane did awesome at his game. He finally was able to connect and he hit the ball FAR! It was amazing and all of the coaches and myself thought it was awesome! I have twisted my ankle badly today during the opening day parade before Dane's baseball game. I am going to stay home from teaching my lesson tomorrow because I can hardly stand on it. Driving home from the game and pushing on the clutch just about killed me. Todd was gone with his scouts "Caving" and Noble was gone to a track meet all day, so no one to drive me to the emergency room.
But I have looked at it and I just think it is sprained, so no going to the doctor.
We are doing well and loving this spring weather we have. I started singing to myself driving down Carson street yesterday with trees in bloom down the center and on the sides, "Spring is bustin out all over". Which really should be "June is bustin out all over" from Carousel. I hope your week is beautifully "Springy".

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Break

Devree doing the "Little Rascals" wave.
Singing the National Anthem with the Advanced Choir.

Noble and his cheesy grin before he plays with the concert band.

Dane with his Pinewood Derby car that he carved and painted mostly himself.

Tanner and Danny getting his final weights in his car.
Sister Neumeister the cub master giving Dne his "Wolf" badge.
Noble and Spencer with Easter lunch.
Shay, Teara, Devree and Skyla with her ice cream birthday cake. Skyla turned 10!

Granny Lynn (Tammie's Mom) and her fiance.
Megan and Tammie trying not to get their picture taken.
Noble, Locey and Shay just out of the pool.
Busy finding Easter eggs.
Noble says "I never want to grow up so bring on the Easter baskets and the egg hunt".
What kind of egg is this? Dane asked.
My basket is getting full.
My hands are getting full.

Teara's beautiful smile.
Skyla found a few.

Having fun by the pool.
Muscle Men!
Ryland, Troy and Coy came for a visit.
Doug and Echael came for some games and dinner. Thanks for coming it was a lot of fun.

Dane and Ryland.
Grandpa and Troy. She got a little crown to put in her hair from kindergarten.
Having seafood at Laguna Beach.

Manny, Noble, Andria hiding her face, and Kyle. They came to pick up Noble and take him to Long Beach and then all of them will fly back.
Grandma, Grandpa with the towel so he doesn't get too sunburned and Devree.
Grandpa got too tired the first day so he stayed in the car for the second day of beach. We found the Presbyterian church that Grandpa went to bible school at 72 years ago when he spent his summers in Laguna Beach.
Devree and Grandma watching the waves.
Todd, Shay and Dane facing the powerful short waves. They pummeled Dane so badly he lost his shorts one time and the next the life guard came to see if Dane was okay.
Coming out of the beating of the waves.
Dane said "I am tougher than the waves!"
We got to see all of the General Conference sessions and had so much fun visiting family and seeing all of the beautiful spring of California. The beach was perfect and beautiful. What a wonderful Easter break all of us had.
Thanks to Ky, Tammie, Grandma and Grandpa for our wonderful stay. We love all of you and can't wait to get together again soon. Probably for EFY in June.