Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baseball to Scouting to Cuba

Shay at his Piano recital. He did very well. He had to get up early to go to a soccer game first, then the recital at 10am.
Dane had his first baseball game. He was getting ready to bat.

Here is "the lefty". He is the biggest and oldest of his team. He did awesome in he batting cage, but alas he didn't connect in the first game.
Shay trying his casting before he goes on his campout. He only had a rubbery octopus on the end. No hook. I had to tell him the story of the "Hooked Scout" so he would be careful.
He climbed the tree and said he was "learning to fish from a tree."
Dane with his team at opening day of baseball.
Devree and Beth (Noble's girlfriend) did a Spanish class project together. They did a poster about Cuba and had to find some clean phrases and their favorite is "The hair of the mango" which means it is too much. They are going to make some empanadas for their class on Wednesday. I told them they have to make extra so our family can enjoy them too
This video clip is of Noble doing his pole vaulting. He now has gotten to 9 feet. Todd and I were able to see him in Dayton when they had a track meet on Wednesday. A boy from Fernley won by getting over 15 feet. This is really the first year that Noble has been able to pole vault a few times. He should've started when he was a freshman but didn't think about it till now.
Today Dane did awesome at his game. He finally was able to connect and he hit the ball FAR! It was amazing and all of the coaches and myself thought it was awesome! I have twisted my ankle badly today during the opening day parade before Dane's baseball game. I am going to stay home from teaching my lesson tomorrow because I can hardly stand on it. Driving home from the game and pushing on the clutch just about killed me. Todd was gone with his scouts "Caving" and Noble was gone to a track meet all day, so no one to drive me to the emergency room.
But I have looked at it and I just think it is sprained, so no going to the doctor.
We are doing well and loving this spring weather we have. I started singing to myself driving down Carson street yesterday with trees in bloom down the center and on the sides, "Spring is bustin out all over". Which really should be "June is bustin out all over" from Carousel. I hope your week is beautifully "Springy".


walkinourshoes said...

Wow, you all are very busy. That is awesome that Nob's can pole jump. We have been enjoying warm springy weather, too. We have been to the park way to much.
Love, Koe

soggycheerios said...

I didn't know you hurt your ankle. Sorry, hopefully you'll be back up and on it soon. Looks like you've had a great week.