Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paula's Baptism

Paula's baptism.  Kolten baptized his Mom.
This is Ben and Maya/Bella.
Anna and Jeffrey
Devree and Jessica
Linda and Theo.  Theo helped out with the Priesthood Gift of the Holy Ghost.
Dane, Shay, Locey with Reese standing behind
Doug and Echael came. Todd and Mom Rice
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2012 -First Day of School

Shay on his first day as a Sophmore!  He has started soccer and quit band this year.  Doing both last year was too much.Dane is starting 6th year at the Middle school.
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Tahoe Trip Before School Starts

We went to Sand Harbor with several other families.  I love these cute girls and their darling swimsuits.
Floating about  in our old black inner tube.  The kids loved it.
Krista, Elena and Anna at the beach.  Below is Evan and Ethan enjoying the beautiful water.

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Devree's Smile Progress

Here is Devree's smile.  She still has a little bruise in about 3 places.  The swelling is still there a bit.  but she looks more symmetrical.
Here is all that is left of her scar.  Pretty amazing huh?

Dane's 11th Birthday!

We are at the Kern's and Paula is in the background with Locey, Anna and Dane.
Ben put 11 candles in the lasagna.  Thank you for remembering Dane's birthday!
On the way to California, there was pouring rain when we pulled over to get gas.  Shay and Dane are playing in the pouring rain on a cement column.
Silly boys!
Dane got his breakfast in bed and really wanted a remote control Bey Blade.  He was surprised that we actually bought it because it was soooo expensive!
Dane was ready for his breakfast in bed and his many presents.  I can't believe our baby is 11 years old.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dad Hurts his Big Toe!!!

Okay here is the story.  Todd was out fixing a bike in the garage for my Cub Scout rodeo and the bike twirled around and somehow lifted his toe nail right up.  He comes in and tells me "Shana I have a problem."  I looked down at his toe and got physically sick.  I just said "Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh Todd."  We cleaned it and he wanted me to press down on it to wrap it up.  I told him it would hurt more to put pressure on his toe nail.  But I did it and he shuddered with the pain.  I called some friends to come over and give him a blessing to help Todd because he refused to go to the doctor.  The friends came and used their Priesthood and gave Todd a blessing but they could not look at the toe.  Todd soaked it and tried to rip off the toe nail.  It would not come off but the second night of soaking he ripped it off.  Did you know that your toe nail looks like a T at the end?  Healing has been a long process without being able to wear shoes.  Todd tried to wear shoes to work but he came home exhausted and swollen.  Yes it is finally healed now!