Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2 &3 at St.Jude's

Lindsey and Susan came to visit us. Lindsey had a good report at her check up. She just graduated from BYUI in Nursing. Her hair grew in curly after her bone marrow transplant from her sister. Neither had curly hair before. It was fun to catch up with what is going on in their lives.

This is a new addition at the Target House. Larger than life JONAS BROS! Devree is making this picture her new status photo on Facebook.

UT Dental always serves up Chik Fillet at the Target House several times a year. Sorry Emma W. you were not here. Your mother said you bleed Chik Fillet because you love it so much.

I feel so bad that we didn't get any pictures at Breck and Celest's. We spent the night there and Celest served us a fancy dinner with the prom stuff still up for the dinner she made for 10 kids going to prom. Then we went to a baby shower for Amy in the Germantown ward that was finally able to adopt a precious little boy. Amy and her husband have had many heartaches waiting for little Tate. We are so happy for them. It was a fun, fast time.

We saw something that was totally outrageous here at the hospital today. A grandma that was taking care of her grandson lifts her t-shirt up to her chin and was stuffing her cell phone in her bra. She said "That's the only place I can hear it and get to it." FUNNY!

Today Dr. Armstrong told us the scans are all wonderful and the lumbar puncture is clean. That is the best news of all. We have to see the eye doctor for our last appointment. Then we get the rental car and off to MO to see the relatives. YEAH! We are excited.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter is EARLY!

Dane is on the Giants this year for baseball. He has practiced in the snow, sleet, wind and rain. The boy must love it. He waved and smiled as he made the first run for his team this season.

Madsen giving his Dad the Bear pin. One of Dane's good buddies. Madsen and Dane have known each other since Nursery.

Dane pinning his Mother's Bear pin on me. Dane is an eager cub scout. I am proud of his persistance in getting the requirements done.

I watched Mallory and Sariah while their older sister Makayla went to the temple for the first time. They were so silly and cute playing in the chair while we watched Dane's baseball game. These girls are very creative and one of their favorite pretend games is playing "Princess Big Butt" where they stuff pillows in their pants and pretend to be Princess's. Talk about hillarious.

Meagan came over to talk and say "Hi" during the game. Here is another friend that Dane has known since Nursery. Her brother Jace is on the same team as Dane.

The Sunday before Easter, we celebrated. See those early morning faces? Devree and I had to fly to Memphis for another check up on Monday and Todd and the boys will meet up with us at the Hamblins in MO. We will celebrate Easter with most of the Hamblin side.

Devree had her early MRI of her brain and at "E" clinic she was decorating her Easter eggs on the board.
We were so lucky that Breck could come and join us for lunch at St. Jude's. I forgot to take his picture but we had a lovely catch up on the latest news.

We were so happy we ran into Emma Wilcox and her Mom, Catherine and David! David was a little baby when we all met at the very first of treatment back in January 2009. As you can see Emma is doing well.

Devree got fitted with her new hearing aid! It has already made a difference. We are so happy! I whispered in her right ear and she heard Me! So exciting. Devree is getting used to the funny feeling in her ear because it goes DEEP into the ear canal. She had a hearing test where the Dr. plugged her good ear and she could hear with her hearing aid at very low decibels. Another prayer answered.

Standing in front of the St. Jude statue with David being bored and Catherine. David is so adorable and so grown up. He has lost his baby looks. What a treat and joy to have a long chat with them. Devree and I couldn't be happier to see Emma well and happy along with her family. We hope your Tuesday has been as wonderful as our Tuesday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's including Us!

Todd took about 1 month to finish this very hard 1500 peice puzzle. All of us, including Grandma tried to help once in a while.
Devree loves her new wig she saved up and purchased. She has done braids and pony tails. She chose red and it seems to suit her. I call her "Ariel" and start singing "The Little Mermaid song" Ahhhh ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhh. You know when she sings to get her voice back?
The boys rough housing on the tramp. You know General Conference on Saturdays makes them have to go out and do some physical exercise to burn off energy. Dane pins Shay
Shay pins Dane.
Noble wanted more pictures of the family so we took an awful picture of me and Low Rider.

For April Fool's day I put ketchup inside doughnuts with holes to make it look like jam. I was so "evil" my family thought. After a few taps the ketchup comes out and you can either cut the hole bigger in the doughnut or wipe it clean. Shay even washed the ketchup off.

This last week was filled with the pinewood derby and saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Rice for awhile. They went to do their taxes in California and stay with Ky and Tammie. Then they will drive up to Canada and stay with Danawn and Monte. It seemed really strange not to have them at the dinner table and it was extra quiet around here too. They are already missed. Their little Prius was packed to the gills. We will have them back to stay with us in about a year.

Dane had the Pinewood Derby and he didn't place but he enjoyed making his car from start to finish.

We just got done with watching all of the General Conference and have been so spiritually fed and pricked. We are making goals to BE better individuals and family. As I was watching General Conference I felt a closeness to Noble because I knew he was watching all of the sessions also. I could see him in my mind's eye laughing and listening attentively to the talks. I will write him and ask him which talks were his favorites and if he did fall asleep during any of them.

Noble hand wrote an individualized letter to each of us this week. What a glorious surprise to find it mid week with many more pictures. I have posted on his blog the letter he wrote to Todd and I. We absolutely LIVE for his letters and laugh at his sense of humor he always includes in his letters. Todd and I remember back to our days in the MTC. We are so happy that Noble chose to go on his mission and we rejoice in his growing testimony and his knowledge of Tagalog. We thank all of you that keep Noble in your prayers. I know he is having a successful time on his mission through the faith and prayers of all those who pray for him.