Sunday, August 14, 2011

4Wheel Fun!

Shay and Isaac wanted to be "Mermaids" sunning themselves in the middle of Scott's lake.

Low Rider did not want to be out of eyesight of Todd. He does not get along well with other dogs but finally was able to play with Hydro (Spaniel). He almost got eaten by Lady though (Golden Retriever)

There is still snow up on the mountain. "Cccccome on in. It's not ccccccold"

Ron and Gary watching the 2 Retreivers swim and swim aand swim. There were 2 Garter snakes swimming in the water where Ron is.

Low Rider trying to be like the big dogs.

Sariah was having a hard day. First she screamed about the garter snakes in the water than a bug flew in her hair and then she didn't want to swim back from the Mermaid rock so Shay carried her in.

Leslie never stood still unless we played games. We played games and had a ton of fun!

Talking over our broken trailer. The fridge wouldn't work. The water lines are leaking.....then when we came home we broke the door. Alas so many things to repair.

Devree declares "Camping means no hair".

The four that went quading the most. They just didn't want to ever get off.

Shay drove and Dane got to drive. THANK YOU RON and LESLIE for letting us borrow helmets.

Becca came (Gary and Pam's granddaughter). She has a crush on Shay. They were often seen together.

So fun to find some beautiful free camping in California that is close to our home. We really had a great time getting away from cell phones, regular phones and all of the hectic life at home.

Shay started Band Camp this week so he is gone from 8-4:30. Thank goodness Band camp was not going on Friday. This week Shay will juggle Soccer practice and Band Camp. He is going to have to really be good about his schedule.

Devree and I are planning and planning her fund raiser on the Saturday at the end of this month. "Help Devree Smile" is still getting donations for her rummage sale. We have been so blessed and impressed by so many people and their generosity.

We want to share more of our philosophy on this blog too. Our family has a good attitude throughout the many trials we have faced. Our new family motto is "The Hamblins adapt and overcome". We wanted to have a motto because we learned it from my neice and nephew what they tell their 3 little daughters. "Bassetts do hard things". We know we can still have a good attitude and adapt and overcome through even brain cancer. How can we do this? Through our faith and religion. Reading our scriptures everyday helps our family stay close in spirit and keep on loving each other. It helps us face our daily challenges and our really DIFFICULT on going challenges. We do this by reading the bible and the Book of Mormon. Here is a link.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Newspaper Article on Devree Hamblin

If you click this picture once it will magnify 1x. Once the image has increased to 1x, click the image once again. The image should then be large enough to read the newspaper article.