Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Concerts

The Jazz Band

Trying to focus but too far away. Noble during his Jazz solo.

Shay pretending to play before his concert began.

Samantha a girl from the other ward and in Shay's band and was in his 1st grade class.

We had another awesome week and we are really ready for Christmas to come. We haven't had any more snow since last weekend but I made a nice blister on my hand trying to shovel our driveway and the walks in front of our house. We only have a little square nosed shovel and my lovely, kind neighbor came and helped me with her nice large snow shovel. She has been so awesome and kind to give us extra food, extra help, an exercise bike and whatever we need. I am going to have to get her picture on the blog.

Tuesday we went to Noble and Devree's Christmas concert. Todd got a picture of Noble but I wasn't able to get a picture of Devree and she was so funny dancing during the songs. Everyone was laughing at her. She has gotten lots of cards and gifts and invites to partys. Noble did do a solo during a jazz number so that is why we he is standing. We were way far in the back.

Shay also had his concert on Thursday and his 7th grade band did quite well. His trumpet playing doesn't sound like an elephant dying anymore.

Today we are off to see "Avatar". The boys (Todd included) have been looking forward to this for weeks. I am a little concerned because it is rated PG13 and I don't want it to be too violent for Dane. I would rather see "The Frog Princess" and not have to worry because it is rated G. There are so many movies we look forward to see and yet they turn out to be not so wonderful. Even the kids movies have lots of sarcasm or smart-alecky kids, that I don't like the movies. Well I will let you know if we liked the movie.
YES! The movie was very wonderful and entertaining. It did say the "s" word in it but I bet it will win an academy award because the computer graphics were truly AMAZING! The use of flourescent glow-in-the-dark colors and just the sheer beauty of the filming was just fantastic. As my brother Ky said "It's okay for all of that tree hugger stuff to be on a different planet'". I told Ky that for those that love the animals and plants and worship them... are only one step off from worshipping the almighty that created all of it in the first place.
If you got to see the Mormon Tabernacle choir on PBS last week, it was awesome. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "The Friendly Beasts" where the Nativity animals sing about Christ's birth from their point of view. I thought the singer made it silly but I always picture it sung with great reverence. You know the song where it starts "I said the Donkey all shaggy and brown. I carried his mother up hill and down."

May your Christmas be filled with cheer just by being surrounded by those you love and enjoying the LIFE that you are living.


soggycheerios said...

I have to go look up "The Friendly Beasts" on YouTube, you have me intrigued. Thanks for coming to dinner with us tonight. You've been great friends, and we love you all.

walkinourshoes said...

No we did not see Kamon and Emily. They were going to be late. But it turned out that they were two hours late and the kids had, had enough.
Kylee has the book of the Friendly beasts. She loves it.

Love, Koe