Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noble's 18th Birthday!

This is the 3 boys playing on our new (used) trampoline.
Happy Birthday Noble! You get breakfast in bed!

Here's your breakfast and presents.

It is hard to imagine that my first baby turned 18! He has been a great son, brother, cousin and friend. He has grown into a talented, funny, responsible, compassionate, outgoing, young man. I can't imagine the void when he leaves for his mission. I think I have prepared him for those things he will be facing and the many choices he will be making. We have had many talks about those things in life that truly make you happy including living the gospel, choosing an eternal companion that makes you grow and who is firmly rooted in the gospel, besides the other insanities of the female sex he should try to avoid! We have talked about what kind of career he would enjoy and what talents he still wants to develop. He has helped me to be a better person and I have cherished these 18 years and look forward to the future and all of the wonderful things he will get to experience.

As the year 2010 is upon us I ask myself "How did the time go by so quickly?" Yes 2009 has been a challenging year and there have been times when I thought the clock was not even moving! And yet there have been so many wonderful, happy, joyful times that I am sorry to see it go. Celest and Breck's family have been so wonderful to help us through the rough patches and I don't think that Devree and I would have fared as well without their constant concern and care. THANK YOU SO MUCH! There are not enough Thank You's to cover your love and compassion and good times and goodies that you have given us. It has been such a delight to be welcomed into your home and really get to know the COUSIN'S. Thanks for helping with Shay and Dane when they were here too.

We have been blessed by all of the people around us. People in Dayton have really been kind and thoughtful and the people in the stake and of course in our ward have been so wonderful. There are so many people all over that have helped us through this journey. As I write about the end of this year I will give you the update on Devree. Yesterday she "graduated" from Occupational Therapy. She is writing much better and can do all of those small motor skills with her hands including buttoning the small square buttons on her blouse that I can't do easily. Devree was tested extensively, psychologically and intellectually when we were at St. Jude's last time and according to the results they sent us, Devree is at average or above average. This was not so when she was tested right after her brain surgery. So this means response time, calculating difficult math problems etc. have improved. She can now have energy for a very long day and does not get nauseated or vomit at all. She still has been hovering around 100 lbs but seems to be eating alot better. Devree told me her goal was to gain 20 lbs by March. That is a hard task but we just encourage her to eat. There are still sad things she must cope with. Her infertilty issues causes her to have interesting conversations at school when she hears some girl say "I never want kids." She continues to show girls that say "I'm having a bad hair day!" really what it could be like. Her hair issues include not growing in where she was intensely radiated. But most times we tell ourselves, it is of little consequence. DEVREE is a MIRACLE and she is ALIVE and THRIVING! What more can we ask for?


soggycheerios said...

18! Happy Birthday Noble.

Darcy said...

I do not accept that Noble is 18. That means he's one year away from a mission and 8 mos from leaving for college. Again I say, I do not accept!

Devree certainly has a very mature perception of "teenage" issues. Congrats on graduating from Occupational Therapy!

walkinourshoes said...

Happy late b-day Noble. That means it has been 18 years since I was in Hawaii. Wow!
I am so happy for Devree. I am happy that she wants to gain weight.

Love ya, Koe

angelicindy said...

Happy Birthday Noble!

What a wonderful, exciting, and eventful year! Here's to hoping next year is just as wonderful and much less eventful :)

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Happy Birthday Noble! I can't believe that you are 18! Thanks for the kind words Shana. We miss you so much. We are so much happier when you are here with us! You and Devree have brought so much joy into our lives and you have taught us so much! Every Sunday I tell Breck and the kids how lonely it feels without you at our dinner table. Chick-flicks aren't as fun and we are counting down the days until your next visit. XOXOXOXOXOXO Love, Aunt Celest