Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Day of our 1st Check-up

Well we went to see the Endocrinologist yesterday. He didn't have great news. He said that because Devree's estrogen levels are low that she probably will have fertility issues. Devree handled it okay and said "I've always wanted lots of kids. I guess I will have to adopt."

Devree is a little sore today. Lindsay kept poking her back for the lumbar puncture and finally the anesthesiologist finally was able to do it. Lindsay just can't do it because she is too little (our nickname Santa's elf) She has been given 3 times! Can't we say 3 strikes and now "YOU'RE OUT!" I think the next time I am going to have to stand up for Devree and say, I'm sorry but I request someone else to do the L.P. For those that need to understand a little bit better. You get sedated but they have this little prong thing that is supposed to seperate the spinal fibers and not puncture the fibers to get into the spinal cord to get a little bit of fluid. This is done to test for cancer cells. The prong thing is dull so it requires lots of muscle to puncture it in far enough.

We had only two appointments today and they are just tests that Devree signed up to help other brain cancer patients. One is a MRI that looks at results while she is solving problems. The other is a psychology test that is a two parter she has already been tested for 2 hours on Monday and then today is another 2 hour test. This is why we couldn't fly back today because the test goes too long for any flights out to the West. Then today we find out the test was moved up so we could've flown back. Devree says the test is over and over starting at a primitive level then going up to college level. You know I don't understand why people want to make tests so long. I think in 2 hours that is long enough. It is just like the stupid surveys. They are always too long. Maybe I should start a business about shortening tests and surveys!

My Christmas quote. This is from the December Ensign "With Love from My Sisters" by Marina Petrova. "In the end our 'poor' Christmas was a particularly joyful one. Our home was filled with not only the spirit of Christmas but also the warmth and love of my visiting teachers and other members of our branch. I came to understand that the Lord truly does meet our needs most often through other people---particularly those He has assigned and inspired to watch over and care for us."


lindsey gruwell said...

Hey! Sorry to hear about the news. I'm in the same boat, but thankfully, adoption is an option. It was great to see you guys (even though it was really short). You guys look great. Hope that you get home soon and get some rest from traveling all over.

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Devree,

I am so proud of you for being so positive about that news. There are a tons of children out there that need good homes. We sure love you. There are always miracles, too. Kylee is a miracle. I love you tons.