Monday, December 7, 2009

"O Christmas Tree"

Snow beautiful snow! This was at 5:30 AM and NO SCHOOL!

It doesn't look like it is that big!

It took Todd, Noble, Shay and I with all of our strength to get that tree on top of the car.

Can't get the tree hardly through the door!

See how big the tree is?
Manny at the head of the band!

New Band Uniforms! See the "Dust Devil" on his left shoulder?

Shay and Dane are marching with Noble during "Grandma got ran over by a reindeer".

We got back safely and had a busy Saturday. First was the Ward Christmas Breakfast. That was wonderful to see everyone.

We rushed off to cut our tree. It was a bit harder this year because there was a couple of inches of snow and so we had to hike around down in a gulley and finally found a tree that we could be happy with. It was huge of course and now it is the BIGGEST tree we have ever had. I had to move the piano back about 3 feet so I can practice and it goes clear across the livingroom to the TV. It is beautiful and so FULL! Angel Moroni is a fraction from the ceiling.

Noble marched in the Virginia City parade of lights. It is a tiny parade where people put lights and decorations on their cars and it is at night or 5pm. It was FREEZING and everyone had a hard time because even their spit was freezing in the instruments. They had to take the tuba to warm up in the car because it wouldn't work.

Sunday was so busy I don't think I breathed until today. We went early to practice a song with 3 other Mother/Daughter couples to sing "Star Bright" in Relief Society. I taught the lesson in Sunday School and then sang in RS. We hurried home to have something to eat and back to tithing settlement and choir practice. Then home again for the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. Wasn't that a great Christmas program? I love President Monson's stories. They always make me cry. After the program the Home Teachers came.

It started to snow last night and the boys had to go and play in it. It snowed and snowed and this morning there was about 6". Of course that is more than we have ever seen it snow in our little hometown or even Fernley for the last 16 years. It is a SNOW DAY and no School. Everyone is happy about it of course and Noble's friends came and grabbed him to help shovel walks for people who need help. Shay was asked to help a sister in the ward and now Dane wants to go play with a friend. I am going to cook some goodies I think.

Happy Snow Day


walkinourshoes said...

I loved it when it was minus 30 and No School. Those were the fun days, playing in the snow and skidooing. Fun times. Enjoy the beautiful snow. I love your huge, full tree.
Love, Koe

Lisa Wilcox said...

We are so jealous!! We would love to have a white Christmas!!!!! Send some our way....

The Voelkel Family said...

So completely AwEsOmE!!! How fun to get a snow day! Especially when they are rare. My first real snowfall in my whole life (other than thick frost in Cali) was a Snow Day here in MO. It was Unbelievable! My mom had to take us to the store to buy snow boots after picking us up from school. There's nothing like waking up or looking out the window and realizing the world has surprised you with a soft blanket of white. *sigh* Just reminiscing about it makes me want some hot cocoa and fresh baked cookies.

And what a tree!! Sounds like a near perfect day. :)

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

How fun! Wow, what a beautiful tree! We ventured clear to Lowes to buy our tree this year......not quite as cool as cutting down your own tree. We are so jealous that you got snow!!!! We miss you already! XOXOXOXOXO Aunt Celest