Sunday, January 1, 2012

Before Christmas

Dane and Madsen's 5th grade class had a family history project. Combined with the other 5th grade class they had to write a report that included your family origin, map, recipe, geneology and history. Everyone brought food from a favorite family recipe. We loved it all and then we looked at each students project on a table. It was an awesome project.
We had the annual Christmas concert and here is Zac Smith and William Fitch in the trombone section.
Shay was looking cool in the trumpet section. The Concert Band sounded awesome that night.
Shay looking attentive. He is thinking about going into Jazz band too, next semester.
Devree posing before her concert. She chose festive Christmas socks that have big Santa fur on the top. She wore her new necklace she got at our Cookie Lee jewelry fundraiser.
Now you can see the "BLING" around her neck better. It really is a beautiful necklace.Manny came with his new girl friend.
Paul and Todd had a chat before the concert.
The cub scouts sang Christmas carols with the Achievement Day Girls. Jason and Madsen are with Dane by the door. The girls went and sang at their own houses and the boys sang at their own houses. It was humorous. One man insisted on paying us. We tried to tell him the cookies were not for sale, but we got money anyway.

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