Monday, January 23, 2012

January 2012 St. Jude's Checkup

We have already got lots of new prizes for Devree since we have been here. She got a "Cars" T-shirt and 2 new hats and some other clothes from a lady in the ward.

You see the purple Fedora above and then she got this leopard wrap. She is still struggling with the infection from her eye brow lift on the top of her head. The surgery had healed but the skin keeps getting irritated because of wigs etc rubbing it and it got a bad infection.

Devree had to get 2 IV's today. The first nurse poked her arm. Devree convinced her to find another spot after the nurse tried to "milk" her arm. Then she put in her wrist. It was hurting and she let the blood coagulate for the tests so then we saw one of our favorite nurses "Ebony" and she put in a really good IV in the other hand. Ebony is the nurse that joined in singing "Here comes the Sun"with us, when the sun finally came out in Memphis February 2009. We had been in Memphis for 3 weeks and it finally showed its face! Ebony laughed with us when we reminisced back.

We are so blessed to celebrate 3 years since Devree's brain cancer diagnosis. Devree asked "Why don't we celebrate that day?" To me it was one of the worst days of my life and I told her "We are going to celebrate when you hit the 6 year mark of being cancer free!" She is doing great and has reached the point after this check up she will not have an MRI of the spine or a lumbar puncture. We have had lots of excitement as the Brices picked us up. The Breck Rices nick name that Shay gave them. They were all at the airport and had signs and a lovely dinner waiting for us. Then we had tornado warnings for an hour with the most amazing lightning show that lasted for a half hour. I have never seen lightning strike all at once like the finale at a fireworks show. I should've got pictures. We are safe and no tornados that we saw.

Have you been thankful for your blessings today?

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