Saturday, January 7, 2012

Trip to Utah

Shay holding Zachary. Zach is a mellow little boy. He warmed up to us pretty fast.

Devree and Zach.

Todd, Koe, Dane and Craig behind. Koe and Craig were so nice to let us stay with them.

A good one of Koe and Craig.

Me and Todd at the Church Museum. This was in the Tribal room with some great paintings.

Devree and Shay standing in front of the quilt "Arise and Shine Forth".

Todd lifting the 90 lb Gold Plates in the Book of Mormon exhibit.

Koe, Kylee, Zach by the chickens that would make noises.

Kylee put her skirt on to dance to the music.

Devree putting on her skirt and head peice to dance.

Devree watches the girl on the video screen to dance the right way.

Shay and Dane liked building the wall that Samuel the Lamanite stood on.

Devree's pose.

Shay and Dane and their design.

Fishing on Nephi's ship.

Sitting in the truck.

Shay cannot quite fit. But this was Zach's favorite.

Posing on the bride portrait place.

All of us.

This was on our tour of the Conference center. We got a private tour and it was wonderful.

The Christus.

I got to visit with Sister Baggett that I trained 30 years ago on our missions in Eufala, Alabama. Barb has beat cancer 3 times.

This is her chemo hat. It is a bed pan that measures your excrement all glittered up on the outside with all of the other paraphenelia of getting chemo.

This is Me, Wanda, Cherie and Pat. We joined up for dinner to celebrate 25 years since we were all in the American Fork Singles Ward.

Devree and Aunt Mary. We had a BRUNCH with the Browns and Hatch's. We had a FUN time.

Katie, Jared and Wendy. Thanks Wendy and Shane for getting everything ready at the church.

Maddy, Katie and Jared's daughter.

Alicia and Chip.

Cute girls.

Hailey giving her best smile.

Todd and Heidi Jones.

Caitlyn and all of the Jones family.

Todd with Aunt Donna with Andrea, Uncle Eldon and Mainette in the back.

Scott and Jill came. YEA!

Cameron and Erica Quist that we were able to attend their Open House.

Theron and Jaime Quist, Todd's cousins from Ohio, the parents of Cameron.

Bos with his best smile. We are so sad we didn't get Vance. He went to bed already. But both sweet and fun boys!

Emily in her new home.

Kamon said he needed to keep his hat on because his hair was not combed. Then he said he needed to not show his double chin.

What a wonderful trip to Utah. We loved seeing everyone. It was great and we look forward to General Conference and seeing everyone then too!

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