Tuesday, January 24, 2012

St. Judes 2nd day Jan. 24, 2012

After our delicious dinner of Taco Soup from Celest. Tayzia, Celest and Breck doing the dishes.

Talon, Jackson covering his eyes (the stinker) and Kallie not feeling so well.

We got Jackson not covering his eyes. THANK YOU TALON!

A new feature of the "NO" clinic (Neuro Oncology) there is a IPOD player. Devree is loving to rock out on her own music. She is DANCING to "Shake it" by Metro Station. You know the song...."Shake shake, shake shake shake it". It makes you want to dance. NOw we don't mind having to wait an ETERNITY in the clinic room.

Yesterday at the end of the day we got good/bad news. The bad news first. Devree is loosing more sight in her right eye because of the paralysis. The good news is that St. Jude's has given an offer to a ONCOLGIST/FERTILITY specialist. We are very excited for this, because that means they could harvest sperm/eggs from those cancer patients that are going to be heavily radiated like Devree was and find solutions for after cancer treatment. We are lucky that Devs has a fertility specialist back home in Carson that is treating her for future fertility. But St. Jude's will find other solutions also.

We have the unofficial of the brain scan. Everything looks GOOD!

Now on to the rest of the long day. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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