Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

The eve before Christmas Eve we went to Fernley to a wedding reception. The girl we knew, Heather was a babysitter for Noble and Devree when they were very small. Heather met and married a young returned missionary she met at BYU in Provo. The young man was from Visalia, CA and was known by my brother Ky and sister-in-law in Visalia. These are two of Heather's brothers acting silly with her parasol. Nathan is Noble's age with the parasol and Chris is watching by.
This is Dane's face of surprise to get a new beach cruiser bike for Christmas.
It is fancy and rides like the wind. Very fast. You can see before the bike a big yellow box. That is what Shay got and it is a target for a crossbow because crossbow "bolts" go through things and you have to have a special target.
Shay is happy because he knows he is getting a crossbow sometime soon.
Devree is very happy because she got a laptop. A very nice one that was bought on Black Thursday at Walmart for $200. It is a very fast, big HP and I like typing on it too! Devree and is preparing for college and this laptop will be a great addition for her.
Shay opened his crossbow present. It has a scope and looks alot like a rifle. It has a 150 lb draw so it is difficult to pull back. He brought home his target and he learned pretty fast how to shoot it by the marks he made.
We went on a bike ride with Dane and his new bike. I was riding my pink one and Todd is riding the beach cruiser he has had since he was 12 years old.
We had to stop and smile for the camera. I beat them, because my bike is the fastest.
Another pose.
As you can see we were very blessed this Christmas. Todd got some nice things and I did too but it is mostly about the kids and what they get. I have decided to get totally organized in my kitchen and other places. So Todd gave me kitchen bowls and some new dishes. It was a glorious Christmas season and we enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas that some family did for us. It was always exciting to see what they would give us each night. We had many opportunities to help and serve others. We received lots of goodies and gave lots of goodies. It was a glorious time and we didn't miss Noble by keeping ourselves busy and trying to serve others.

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