Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Saturday!

Well this last week has been so busy I almost wished I was back in Memphis! They called me in to substitute all week and I kept getting more and more behind. All of you working Mom's out there, I feel sorry for you because I felt I didn't do much right all week and felt very stressed too!

This last week Devree started her Occupational Therapy and Physical therapy. The two people she works with are amazed at Devree's tenacity. I love to see her face screw up in concentration as she tries to put those little pegs with the spacer and then the washer on in the peg board. We are talking tiny ones. Or try to stand up from a chair without using her hands and to switch to a different chair of a different height and keep going. She says she still misses Courtney and Lara at St. Jude that were her therapists.

Todd and I were able to go to the temple last night. It has been a very long time since we have been able to go so that was a choice experience. We met two other couples from our ward there. When we go to Reno we like to shop at this discount grocery store and by the time we stocked up, we got home at 11pm. Noble was home from his football game and told us all about it. Dayton won so life is good. HA! HA! By the time all of the groceries were put away, I collapsed into bed after substituting First graders all week.

Dane was invited to a sleep over last night and therefore I had to pick him up after 8am to get him to his game on time. Noble had packed his soccer stuff since I ran out to go to the temple. When Dane got dressed, he didn't have soccer socks. Todd met us at the soccer field with Shay and Devree. Shay had a game after Dane. I left Todd there with the boys and Devree and I went to Dayton
Valley Days. We saw lots of friends there and checked out all of the booths. We met a lady that had a hat on with a bandana and I could tell that she was a cancer victim too. I said "Hey Devree and you have something in common. Devree whipped off her "Hope" hat with the little attached pony tail and the lady said "Yes!" Then the lady whipped off her hat and bandana. They both laughed as they looked at each other's bald heads. She is battling breast cancer. We had a nice chat.

Devree found a perfect gift for her friend Leah at one of the booths. Leah has been her friend since Kindergarten. Leah was this little 5 year-old girl that moved into our neighborhood and came knocking on our door. She said "Hi! I heard you have kids and I'm looking for someone to play with." Leah ended up in the same kindergarten class with Devree and they have been friends every since.

Noble and the band did awesome marching in the parade. Mrs. Bumgartner, the band teacher, was in charge of the parade so she made it a wonderful marching experience by being ahead of the horse... poop and all of the classic cars...exhaust. There were 82 cars so several of the band members remarked about the better experience.

Devree and I came home first to a quiet lunch, just the two of us. Devree remarked that it reminded her of the Target House. We love being home but sometimes we miss the quiet especially with 2 rambunctious boys. Life is great and we love being home. Missing all of you that are 2,000 miles away.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Hamblins,
Yes, life does sound busy at your house. Aunt Shana, I watch my friends three little boys, one time a week, and that is very exhausting. Kylee can be very exhausting as it is. So i feel for you taking on a class of 1st graders all week. We are so happy that life is go great at the Hamblin house. e love you.
Craig, Kylee and Koe

lusum54 said...

Wow, what a busy week for you. It would be kinda fun to Hybernate everyone in a while.

angelicindy said...

what a great week! And Shana, you did get a lot accomplished. You just have to make sure you count those things that you finished but never made it on your "to do" list! All I can say is wow! I haven't been able to stand from a chair without using my hands for a long time so keep up the good work!

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Isn't it amazing how crazy life can be? I feel your pain.....and your joy. We miss you so much! Our life is lonely without you guys here! We love you and miss you. XOXOXOXO Aunt Celest