Friday, September 11, 2009

No one can break our stride!

This is some of our ward family that came to Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe. This is Emma O'Barr and Ada Johnson. Emma made "Devree" out of rocks in the sand if you look closely.
It was quite shady when we arrived at Lake Tahoe so my parents were bundled in blankets. They are accompanied by Glen Larsen, a mentor of Todd's.

Aunt Jan and Uncle Brownie came from Burley, ID just to celebrate with us.

Devree sitting with her cousins Megan and Teara trying to get a tan. Devree did eventually lie down with some help. Everyone else got a little sun burned on places missed by sun screen. But Devree didn't even look like she was in the sun all day.
These are some other families that came from Dayton Ward. Lisa Voightleander in the back. Emily Larkin holding Noah on her lap and Kendra Johnson holding Rees, or Seth. I can't tell with the hat on.

Tis is Noble with cousins Kolten and Chelsey in the back. His good buddy Manny came and helped us with all of the setting up we had to do.

This is most of the O'Barr family. Connie is holding baby Hallie, Dan behind Alyssa and Tanner. We are missing Aubrey and Emma O'Barr

My brother Ky and my sister-in-law Tammie. People at church thought Tammie is my sister and we really are!

This is Chris, Tricia and Cindy Brown who came from Burley, ID too.

What can I say . . . Devree is doing awesome and loving it! She has gone back to school and is doing well in her classes. She hardly brings home homework except for geometry which is the last class of the day and she has all of her classes everyday so she can't get that homework done at school. She loves her drama class and she did a couple of improvisations in class and everyone was laughing. At one improv she was given the assignment of arguing with friends about who is the trend setter and one of the friends said "Well what if I shave my head tomorrow?" Devree whipped off her wig and said "Well I already did, so you would be following me!" Then in one of her classes she was scratching her head and one boy was astounded that she wore a wig and he was in her Spanish class where they were talking about hair color. Devree asked the teacher "How do you say 'bald' in Spanish. The teacher replied "Calvo".
I will put more pictures on tomorrow and will tell you all about the baptism. I am off to can 2 boxes of pears right after Dane and I ride our bikes to school. Tanner is coming over and we got a long bike ride, but it will be good exercise for me and for Dane. I stepped on the scale and saw that I have gained 5 lbs in the last 8 months!
I have just about finished cleaning out all of my cupboards and drawers and going through all of the "bachelor" piles that Todd did while I was gone. I have been in a fall cleaning mode and want to get rid of and simplify life. I want clean lines and organization to surround me! But I am jumping in with both feet at all of the things we are involved in.


Lisa Wilcox said...

Hi Hamblins!
I felt teary reading the blog today and listening to the music. I am so happy for you and that everything is going so well!! You deserve it. What an amazing family you are and have touched our family for good forever.
I was so excited when I saw Burley ID!! I am from Twin Falls... Hello to fellow Idahoans!
Thanks for the update, love reading it, and am always anxious for the next one!
Take Care,
We miss you

Horse Crazy Family said...

Hi guys, we are so glad to hear that things are better. The whole family was just reading and updating on the blog. It must be something in the air Shana because I have been cleaning and re-organizing as well. It feels freeing in a funny way, like getting rid of all the old that was just hanging on to us. Anyway, we love and miss you all!

angelicindy said...

shana, shana, shana. let me introduce you to a neato feature called the CROPPING tool in your photo software. The day was really great. photos of me in my swimsuit..... not so great :).

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Looks like a grand celebration!! Wish we could have been there too. We think about you and pray for you every day! Shana, will you organize for me when you come back for Devree's check-ups?

Love, Aunt Celest