Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well we had a lovely flight home and it was wonderful to be home once again. Lovely friends had come to clean our house and there are a few things that the boys have let stack up.

It was great to sleep in our own beds. We have so much stuff to go through and things to store etc. This morning started at 5am which is okay compared to TN time. Devree needed a little help getting ready for seminary and school. I fixed french toast and we read a chapter of scriptures and got everyone out the door except Dane. He doesn't have to get on the bus for about 2 hours after everyone else. We studied for a spelling test that he will ace. Then I dropped him off at Leslie's to catch the bus so I could go and get Devree registered for school She is going the whole day and I can't wait to see how she did.

Then off shopping and back home to get things put away and start laundry and other things.

Love to all of you and all of your support. I will probably just write weekly. Life is hectic and wonderful! I feel so blessed and happy to have witnessed all of Devree's big and little miracles.


lindsey gruwell said...

It's great to hear that you're actually HOME...not just talk any more! Sounds like you hit the day running. I'm impressed that Devree started school and is back in the old routine. Keep it up

Johnson Family said...

So Devree? How was it? How was being home, going to seminary, and to school? Your fans are dying to hear about it. :)

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Hamblins,
We are so happy for your little family to be reunited. We are so glad that the flight went well and everything is going swell. Life is hectic! We can handle once a week. We sure love you.
Craig, Koe and Kylee

lusum54 said...

Excited to hear how tings are going getting into your groove. Love to hear all about it.
Love The Hatch's

lusum54 said...

I am well trained to check you blog religeosly everyday. So this will take some getting used to. hope this was a GREAT weekend for the Hamblins!
Love the Hatchs