Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eye lashes, eye catching and I

See my new eyelashes!
Noble, Selena the German exchange student, Manny and Maggie for homecoming.

Emma roasting a marshmallow.

Me holding Hallie and Dane getting in a cheezy grin.

Alyssa and Dan while we are camping.

Tanner enjoying a s'more.

Connie relaxing.

Shay roasting marshmallows.

Well Devree is growing hair everywhere except on top of her head. She is getting nice thick eyelashes. Her eyebrows are coming back slowly, hair on her arms and legs. But she still just has blonde fuzz on top of her head. On Thursday at the high school you were supposed to dress up like your hero and Devree wanted to be President Monson, the prophet and leader of our church. We looked at his picture and did the thinning on top and heavy around the ears and neck with 2 shades of eyeliner. She wore a white shirt, tie and suit coat of Todd's. She then didn't go to school because she hasn't been feeling well. There were over 150 students and staff out at DHS and Devree said there was a girl behind her in Spanish class that was spewing germs on her. We even know a girl in the other ward that got the swine flu but immediately went to the doctor and got some medication for it. Next Saturday we will be giving the whole family flu shots to help keep Devree safe. When the swine flu vaccine comes out we will all get that too.

Devree did see the doctor and found out she is up to 113 lbs. which means she is gaining weight since St. Jude's. She got some anti-biotics to help her with her cold. I think she has been overwhelmed and feeling a little depressed too. She will see the school psychologist soon to determine if she is clinically depressed. As a Mom I am worried that Devree may have to fight depression the rest of her life because of all of the things that have affected her brain. She continues to do well in school.

Noble had homecoming this last week and decided to ask the German foreign exchange student to the dance. He was so thrilled that she said yes. He doesn't have a suit but the girls made boutinere's for the double dating. Manny asked the girl in the band, that they know, who is hosting the exchange student and so they took them to dinner and then the dance. Noble said he tried to slow dance with her like the stake dance allows and she hugged him tighter! LOL

We went camping for one night and back in time to the Relief Society General meeting. That was an awesome meeting and dinner.

Today was the first day of my new calling as Primary Pianist and I had a terrible stomach ache and sweat bullets with the stress of it all. I know each time it will get better, but I was mostly one fingering it to get through. Thank goodness, Paula Huesser is going to play for the primary program coming up 2 weeks after General Conference. Even though I feel like I am turning so old at my next birthday, I guess an old dog can learn new tricks!!!!

Have a great week!


lindsey gruwell said...

oh, sorry that devree isn't feeling well, but ya to gaining weight!! I just love her phrase "spewing germs all over her"..I laugh about that term, but know if I were in the same situation, I'd want to hide in a bubble. I think the fall is going to be a time were a ton of people are sick. It's the same situation around where we live. Glad you were all able to camp...that's so fun! I hope devree gets better and she doesn't wear herself out.

walkinourshoes said...

That is odd that Devree is getting hair everywhere but, her head. I love all the fun pictures. We are so glad that Devree continues to gain weight. We are sad that she didn't feel well, though. We sure love all of you.
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

lusum54 said...

yay for hair growth. Love you all, the Hatch's