Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Devree Enters Life Again

It is so wonderful to have our girls home!!! We picked them up at the airport at 8:00 PM (10:00 PM -Memphis Time). They gave us all hugs and kisses and we headed for home. Our trip home was a joyous reunion. Shana and I had tons to talk about and I could hear Noble telling Devree stories and making her laugh.

Devree is like a whole new girl!!! Her new wig and Jeans are very cute. She has lots of energy, and can get around pretty good. I also see a noticeable improvement in her ability to tie her shoes and such. When I was with Devree during round 3 of chemo, she couldn’t write or manipulate the buttons on her shirt very well (Those are examples of the things that have improved).

Although Devree got in bed at 10:30 pm Memphis time, she got up to get ready for seminary at 5:00 am the next morning. Shana and Devree then went to talk to the high school about attending for 1/2 days at first. The school said that Devree would need to attend full days or enroll in a home school program. Devree decided to go for full days. So now Devree has 5 full days of school under her belt.

Note: Devree has been so active that she has about worn out the tennis balls on the feet of her walker. :-)

We were intending to write this last weekend, but we were having too much fun with all of our family that came to visit. Dane’s baptism with Megan Clark was wonderful!!! Our fun day at Lake Tahoe’s Sand Harbor beach was a lot of fun. Shana kept telling me, “This is wonderful! Everything is exactly how I envisioned it.”

What a wonderful feeling to reunite and be with all the friends and family that love you so much!!! Monday was a vacation day for me (Todd), so we were playing on Monday and saying goodbye to our extended family that came to visit. Ky & Tammie came with their family and Aunt Jan and Uncle Brownie came with their family. It was a heavenly weekend.

Tonight Noble is having his Eagle Board of Review. This is a first for our family and we are excited. Noble tells us that he isn’t nervous because "the hard part" was all the work that lead up to this day.

The Hamblin Family is so very thankful for all that you have done for Devree, Shana, and the boys at home. We still have the trials of everyday life, but it is amazing how light the burden becomes when you are together as a functioning family unit. We are all very blessed to be members of our wonderful families.

Love you all!!!
Todd & Family


walkinourshoes said...

We are so glad to hear that Devree is going to school full force. We are so proud of all the improvements, too. We are glad that your weekend with family was wonderful. We sure missed out and wished we could have been there. Just know that we love you and pray for you daily.
Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

lusum54 said...

Wish we could have been there for the Baptismadn Beach party. I wpuld liekt o take my family to Tahoe some day. Love Summer

Devin said...

Congratulations to Noble on passing his board. And Devree, I've seen you a couple times, but I've been pretty busy and haven't had much time to talk to you yet. I'm hoping to be able to sometime soon.