Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dane's Baptism Day

Devree Practicing "How Firm a Foundation" with cousins, for Dane's Baptism

Dane and Dad at Baptism.

Dane Before his Baptism

Hamblin Family

Hamblin Family and Noble's Friend Manny Behind Devree

Shay & Dane at Indoor Mall Ferris Wheel

Dane has already been baptized for over a week. I did get my 2 boxes of pears done and Todd helped me on the last batch of 7 quarts. I am telling you that if I don't peel and can another pear for YEARS,... it will be too soon. So out of 2 boxes of pears we got 21 quarts and we still have eaten many and have a whole fridge drawer full. It took me about 2 hours for each batch of 7 quarts to peel etc.

So last Saturday our family left early to take pictures etc. of Dane's baptism. We got Dane in his baptism clothes and took pictures. There was a convert baptism at 6 pm and Dane and Megan's baptism was at 7pm. We had the baptism in the chapel and the chapel was pretty full with all of the Clark family and the Hamblin family and friends and many families from the ward came and supported us. We even had some dear friends (the Brazells) that came from Fernley and joined us for the baptism. It was a much better turnout for Dane than for Noble where nobody was there except my parents and Ky and his family. No ward members came to support it.

Shay gave the opening prayer and all of the cousins sang "How Firm a Foundation" They had practiced and it sounded great when they sang the last verse a cheppella. Kolten was the pianest for their song.

Megans Grandmother gave the baptism talk and then we went in to the font. Ladies first and Megan was baptized without a hitch. We had forgotten to get witnesses and hurridly called up Ky and Noble. Todd had forgotten to review the baptismal prayer. So he said the wrong prayer and Dane had to be baptized again. When Dane comes up the second time, he is wiping the water off his face and asks very loudly "Dad did you get it right this time?

Noble gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Megan had a grandfather give the closing prayer.

The next day at Fast and Testimony it was a glorious meeting with many Hamblins bearing their testimonies. It was the first time I got to see Shay pass the sacrament. I was very touched as a Mom to see my youngest son get baptized and my second son pass the sacrament while the oldest son blessed it. It was Devree and I's first Sunday back and what a wonderful reunion to be reunited with the ward that fasted and prayed for Devree. I feel truly blessed to be in a ward that shows overwhelming love and concern for our family and our challenges. This Sunday was great to see even more of our supporters that were gone for Labor Day.

Yes Life is busy and it is wonderful. I feel so blessed. Dane said that he missed his cousins and then asked "Why don't we just move to Memphis?" I told him wouldn't he miss his friends here? He considered that and then said "But we won't get to see them (Germantown cousins) for a long time!" That is my sentiments exactly.


walkinourshoes said...

Dear Hamblins,

The pictures of the baptism are awesome. It sounds like it was a wonderful day. We are so glad that your family is back together and doing well. We love you.

Craig, Koe and Kylee

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Watch out Devree is looking HOT!!

lindsey gruwell said...

Everyone looks so good! Devree is looking strong and beautiful. I bet that sacrament meeting was one where your eyes were teary the entire time-family back together, seeing friends, dane's baptism, 1 son passing the sacrament, 1 son blessing. Don't you just cherish those moments! I'm so happy for your family and that you achieved your goal by being home for Dane's baptism!

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

It was so great to hear all about Dane's baptism! It is so awesome to see the entire family back together again. Devree, you do look hot! Wow, we wish you would move to Memphis too. We are already homesick for you!

We love and miss you!
Aunt Celest

Krista said...

We wish we could have been there! Stephen passed the sacrament here in Mexico for the first time last Sunday. He's glad he's not old enough to have to try and bless it! We miss you guys and can't wait for some of you to come visit. Devree looks great, and it's so nice to see your family back together.