Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day,Fun in the Sun, and Graduation

Shay on our very mini hike on Memorial Day.
Under the bridge on Memorial Day.
Todd and Noble on our hike.
Devree discovered she is not as agile on her feet as she wishes. But she still has a smile on her face.
We shot off water rockets after our hike. The boys tried to catch the 2 liter bottles after they were shot into the air.
Dane on his "Fun in the Sun" day at school. They had cupcake decorating and eating of course.
They had a few big bounce houses too.
Zac and the kids after Shay and Zac played at 8th grade promotion.
Dane had to be pulled out of a play off game to go to Noble's graduation. It was getting cold, windy and too long. Dane fell asleep on Todd's lap trying to stay warm.
Oh he was just faking! Can you tell?
Noble wouldn't turn around as he was getting his diploma.
Here he is afterward.
The happy seniors. The boys wear maroon and the girls silver. Too bad I can't hand-me-down the maroon for Devree.
At the grad party. I got these cool flags for each of the 6 boys and had their names embroidered on them. Noble was able to have a combined party with 5 of his buddies. It was a very wonderful party/BBQ at Dayton State Park.
Aaron VanSickle, the Valedictorian ? and Ray King hugging his Mom.
Jay VanSickle (Aaron's dad) and Paul Boga (Manny's Dad) were the cooks of the day. Everything was delicious.
Kyle Matsko's grandmother made each of the boys a box for their cards that people brought.
A closer look at the flags. Noble got to be the Nobel Peace Prize winner with his name spelled wrong. Oh well it was a good joke.
We couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Here is Roland Erickson and Koa.
Nica Scott, one of Devree's good buddies. Devree was the photographer for the day.
Obarr's came.
Olson's, Wheelers, Matthews, Hughes, Larkins and Clarks came too!
Here are the 6 graduates under their flags. Ray King, Kyle Matsko, Noble, Manny Boga, Jason Joyner ( Salutatorian) and Aaron VanSickle. Ray was the Pole Vaulter and the rest were band geeks. They even got Kyle to be a band geek for one year.
We had to celebrate Father's Day early because Todd will be gone to Wood Badge and then Devree and I go to St. Judes. Then we come back to take Shay and Dane to California for EFY and Scout camp.
This summer is already getting busy but at least school is OUT! Yea! Noble is graduated and now he needs to get enough jobs for about 50 hours a week to earn for his mission. I really liked how at graduation, they were given 2 wooden tokens that said "You are my Hero" and the seniors gave them out during graduation. Noble gave them to Todd and I.
I hope that you are a hero to someone and if not, think of those that are heros to you.


karlos said...

Congratulations, Noble! Wuld 'a ben' there if I cuda' :) Looks like a great send off into the "real" world. Will miss you and your friends at the school!

walkinourshoes said...

Congratulations, to Nob's! It looks like life is always a party and very eventful at the Hamblins. We can't wait for the reunion. See you then,

Love, Koe

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Congrats Noble! Looks like the Hamblins are still partyin' it up!! Love you all! Can't wait to see you on Sunday.