Monday, June 14, 2010

Moisty Memphis

Shay and Dane playing at the fountains in Sparks. We had a fun day on Saturday. After helping someone move and other service during our first week off of school, we did do some fun things like go swimming with friends on Thursday. We were planning to go to Lake Tahoe, but it has been way too cold. Devree and Noble went to youth conference on Friday and Todd left to go to Wood Badge. Shay, Dane and I went to can some food storage and then we had fun. We haven't been to Sparks Marina in quite a few years that Shay and Dane didn't remember it. I made a promise to go more often.

Devree and her first appointment. She was taking off her shoes and braces. She has gained more weight and has grown too. She is now 108 lbs!
Our flight was really great and fast but then attaching on the 2 hour drive was long. It was so wonderful to see that Celest, Tayzia, Talon and Kallie came to pick us up in Little Rock. When we opened the doors of the airport that hot, moist air hit us and WHOO we knew we were back. I feel like I am breathing underwater and the "steam" makes my skin feel better. Even walking out of the door at 7am and the heat just hits you. On the way here the radio said it is 97 with a heat index of 109!
We had so much fun seeing Ben, Kacey, Kyree and little Kalenie. I have to take pictures of them. Breck made us a lovely dinner and Jackson seemed happy to see us too! We have made plans for the rest of the time we are here and it is just going to be party- party! Even playing "Apples to Apples" last night was hilarious! Jackson would just pick cards randomly, because he isn't even in Kindergarten yet and doesn't read and usually his card would get picked! Ben was hilarious too. We reminisced about when Kacey brought him to Grandma's house to introduce Ben to everyone. It has been 6 years.
We are also excited to realize the plan we made last summer about all of the cousins going to EFY. That will be a reality next Monday. Carson, Tayzia, Talon, Teara, Meagan, Spencer and Devree will all go to the "Especially for Youth" in Santa Barbara.
Today Devree is having her MRI of the spine and tomorrow is the brain MRI and lumbar puncture. We will keep you posted.


Summer said...

Love you Guys! Can't wait to see you at the reunion.

lindsey gruwell said...

I knew your appt was soon, for some reason I thought it was last week. Good to know that you're there now. One day, we'll be able to match our appts to see each other. I love St.Jude so I never mind coming back for check ups! I hope that everything goes well and you get good news back! yay for the weight gain! haa yes, welcome to the is kinda gross how humid it is here. That will be fun for all the cousins to go to cool. Next time, if possible I would tell patient services to fly you into the memphis airport and save you some time :)