Thursday, April 23, 2009

Double Lumen Hickman Lines

Bob The Builder Room

So today we are at the Surgery Place at 7 am we were signing in. This procedure today, BEN this is for you. LOTS of Medical jargon okay? So Devree gets these two lines put in close to her heart and partly under her skin and lots hanging out of her chest because this is how she will receive her chemo therapy. They will also be able to get out her blood this way and hopefully not so many pokes and IV's' She does have an IV in her arm to start her hydration and that is where she will get her anesthesia. I asked how that was and behind the nurse's back she mouthed out the words "She was terrible! She wiggled the needle around until she found something!"

Yesterday was a terrible day according to Devree. First of all they couldn't find a good vein for drawing blood. So she was poked 5 times and then when they finally found one it gushed all over. Devree goes by herself so I am repeating what she said. Then they wanted a urine sample. Devree doesn't like to give urine samples. She says "That is personal!" I told her to get used to it, because over a life time they keep asking for it. Anyway, Devree tried 3 times and finally was able to master the 2 samples they wanted. We find out that we have to give Devree 3 shots at exactly 12 noon to get her blood ready for aphresis. That is where she will give blood and they cycle it to get out her stem cells so that she can use those same stem cells to boost her health during chemotherapy. The shots will burn, they tell us. After the shots, she will get one IV in both arms and they take it out one arm and put it back in the other.

Then Devree finds out that she will have to continue the Septra, her least favorite drug that prevents a killing pnemonia, for 6 months after the chemo is all done. We are going to try it in the liquid form.

Then we go to do the MRI of her brain to see about the tumors status. She has a bad reaction to the dye in the stinking IV of the morning. She has terrible pain and her arm it is still swollen this morning. She will have to be sedated tomorrow so that the MRI can be done of her brain and spine so that we will be done at one loooooooong time.

So I have been running every minute, trying to move back in etc, that after I finally got the grocery shopping after our very long day, I ate dinner around 8pm. Devree was at home relaxing and she ate the leftover lunch. The other bad thing is Devree lost 3 more pounds at home and still doesn't have much of an appetite.

Today I had a pep talk with her on the drive here. I told her that we have to have a good attitude even if yesterday was crap! We have to have a fighting, happy attitude to beat this cancer! She agreed. I did compliment her on getting right up this early morning and for remembering her iodine bath she had to have last night. I told her that together we can do this! She couldn't have any food or drink or even drugs to help her through this morning.

For our Faith, fasting and prayers, I thank all of you. May we ask for the blessing that the chemo will go well and we will stay on track for getting home in 4 months.

Love, Shana


Darcy said...

Wow, that is such an awful schedule of daily events... sounds worse than the radiation. UGH! You guys are troopers. Our prayers are with you and we love you.

lusum54 said...

Wish I could do like mom says. Whenever I hacve a baby she says that she wishes she could hop up on the table and take the "crap" for a while and give me a break. I so wish we could all take our turns for you Devs! We love you sooooooo much! I LOVE my "Team Devree" shirt and wear it running and tell everyone who asks about our special, wonderful cousin.
Love ya, Summer

Mark Katy said...

We love you and are praying for you Devree! The Gardners

walkinourshoes said...

Hi Aunt Shana and Dev's,

We hope that you can have sweet dreams on Bob the builder sheets. I feel bad that they couldn't find your vein. When I was dehydrated, and had to be hospitalized, they couldn't find my veins, too. It was not fun. Finally another nurse came in and the first try she got the vein. I was so glad that, that other nurse showed up. We sure love you.
Craig, Koe and Kylee

Arianne said...

Hope things went successfully today. I bet you'll be glad for your "buddies" (the lines) in the course of things. My kids absolutely love the Bob bedding. Bet that makes you smile. We're praying for your family!
Love, the Evans

PaulaShawn said...

Your Bob the Builder room put this song into my head. I love it!

The Welch Family said...

Praying for better days to come and come on St Judes - let's get some better IV accessers - bleh - we had a digger too.
Septra is Valerie Grace's favorite medicine...she calls it her pink liquid. Hope the liquid works better :)

Hope to see you all in May.