Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary to Todd and I

Yes today is our wedding anniversary. We were married in Laie, Hawaii in the temple, 19 years ago. We held out and had everyone who could... come to Hawaii for us since Todd and I were attending BYU - Hawaii. That was a wonderful day and time. Todd and I reminisced before I had to come back to St. Jude's about how this time has flown by. When you are growing up at your parents home the time seems endless. Now we are married longer than we lived at home and the time seems like a blink of an eye. It has been a very happy time filled with challenges and it looks like we have some more challenges to face too!

Yesterday was a great day after we found out our good news, but when I woke up that morning I couldn't hardly face the day thinking that we might have bad news. Devree had been so miserable on Monday and I just couldn't face the thought of being upbeat for the both of us if we got bad news again. As I was putting on my makeup in the bathroom I had been crying for most of the morning, silently, because I don't like to upset Devree when she already has so much on her plate. I thought "You know I just have to FAKE it till I MAKE it. If that includes faking being happy, then that is what I will do and hopefully it will be infectious and Devree can feel the happiness and be happy too!" So I started to sing "Zip-a-dee-do-dah" but my voice cracked. I had to start again. A little bit stronger and it worked! Devree chimed right in and she was Happy or she was faking it too and pretty soon we didn't have to fake it anymore. We had joy and happiness in her hearts.

My friend Debbie Fauvell heard about Devree and called me on the phone right before we had to leave Nevada. She sent me a glorious book and I am recommending it to everyone. If you think you have challenges, you haven't seen anything compared to this author. The book is "Hard Times and Holy Places" by Kristin Warner Belcher. Deseret Book published it. The author said some really wonderful things that hit the nail on the head. I just about highlighted the whole book.

I am jealous of all of you that get to hear Elder Bednar speak. He is one of my favorites. Todd supposes that possibly President Brewer will be released in our stake since he has been in for 6 years. He has been there as long as we have lived in Dayton.

For those of you that have Fast Sunday this Sunday we are fasting that Devree will beat this cancer for good, that she will have an easy time through chemo and that her right side will come back with her hearing.


paula said...

Congrats & Happy Anniversary! We celebrated out 20th last fall and you're so right ~ it just flies by! Stay positive ~ I was thrilled to read the good news yesterday. Devree has so many people praying for her...we are all witnessing those prayers being answered. Duff asks me for regular updates (I imagine he is one that was afraid to talk to her when she got back ~ sorry...he's still on the shy side but I see him slowly coming out of that) He smiled when I gave him the update and I was surprised with how many questions he asked about the treatment, etc. I have seen that book in a catalog and thought that might be a good read for me (I really needed that a few years back!)
Hang in there girls! Much love & hugs from WINDY Dayton!! : )
Paula & Callan family

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walkinourshoes said...

Dear Aunt Shana and Devree,

Happy Anniversary, time really does fly bye. Craig and I will be married Seven years in October.
We will fast for Devree to beat this cancer and get everything back, to normal. We sure love you and pray that you can fake it till you make.

Love, Koe

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Oh yes, I remember your beautiful wedding in Hawaii! Congratulations on your anniversary! I wish you and Todd could be together to celebrate, but since you can't, maybe you can plan a spectacular anniversary get-away for your 20th anniversary. Love, Aunt Celest