Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Todd!

Well we're Here! I asked Devree if we should be like the little 3 year-old girl that we saw last time and with our arms raised up and shout to everyone "We're Here!" We had a great flight and maybe we will fly on Delta again. A much nicer plane and they actually fed us a delicious lunch. We had leather seats and more leg room and no "smelly" ladies like on the way home last time.

Thank you to Brother Arnold (Celest's Dad) for pickiing us up at the airport. It was wonderful to hug and kiss on the cousins. Thank you Bill and Brenda for the use of your car again. Target House had called and left us a message that they were ready for us that night so we got at the Target House at about 9 pm. We are now in room 517 and it is a much bigger and nicer room. We even have a flat screen TV. Devree is excited to have "Bob the Builder" sheets, comforters, pillow and even 2 pictures on the wall! We think Jackson will love it. We will take a picture soon.

So our address is still the same 1811 Poplar Ave. #517, Memphis, TN 38104. So let's get the mail started!

I called Todd and wished him a Happy Birthday at 5:30 AM because that is usally the time he gets up. We are already at the hospital and will not be done until 6:30 pm. We don't think we will make it to Frisbee Golf for Mutual.


Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

I promised Deveree I wouldn't be happy that is back for a "visit" but I gotta say I SOOO am! I've missed the spirit she brings to our MiaMaid Class. Hope to see you Sunday... If not I would love to come visit at the Target house when it is a good time for ya'll!

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Val, we should be there this Sunday for sure. She will be inpatient the following Sunday, so we want to make sure we come to church this Sunday. See you soon. Love, Devree and Shana

BECCAV said...

hey deveree...sorry i didn't get to see you while you were here! but glad to know that you back on the path of treatment. i don't know if i ever told you, but quite a few poeple in my family have had cancer, so i know how hard it is to cope with. your in my prayers daily. and tell you what...i will take LOTS of pictures on Friday of th eband gig and of our game night, so you can see how much we muiss you and what dayton is up to

Love lots, Becca