Monday, April 27, 2009

For Females Only!

Okay this is for all of you males that might read this including you Sloner. This has some funny female stuff in it so you may not want to read it. As women we have to go through some pretty embarrassing stuff. Devree has chosen to make light of it. When she got her lumen lines put in they come out exactly in the middle of her breasts. The first thing she said is "Mom these tubes make my boobs point in different directions". I said "You mean like North and South?" Then I started laughing because that means that the boobs would be pointing Up (North) and down (South). I expl;ained this to Devree and she started laughing and said "More like East and West MOM!" Then later in the day when the medical staff whips her T-shirt up quite a few times to get to the lines exposing her breasts each and EVERY time she says "Mom I need some Mermaid shells! You know some self sticking ones." I laughed at that. I told her that maybe we could go shopping for some and Devree said she would like some button up front shirts so maybe she wouldn't have to expose herself so many times in a day. Her dressing around her lines prevents her from wearing a bra comfortably but we are asking for some ideas. If anyone finds something that might work, Let us kinow.

After Devree's surgery with the installation of the lines, the staff gave her Morphine. It was a blue liquid and that same day Devree started her menstrual cycle. She took the morphine and she said "Mom this isn't even any good, because it isn't even touching my CRAMPS!"

So the next night there was a potluck at the Target House and we talked to another Mom from San Diego with the 17 year-old daughter with Medulloblastoma. They are on their last round of chemo. She has been a great source of info. She was telling us to ask for the nightly IV right away and she called it TPN. She said that her duaghter wasn't eating anyway so you might as well give her nutrients and medications while she is sleeping because they will give you a home line so you can just connect it through the lumen lines. She also told us that they will give Devree medicine to stop her cycles during chemo because they don't want her to have to deal with that too. I was talking to Devree later and I said we are going to have to ask for that IV stuff right away, because you already don't eat. What was it called again?" Devree said I think it was called a tampon." I started laughing and I told her "We are not going to ask them for a Tampon to go in your IV." Later I realized that Devree was pretty close because it is TPN. Devree just added A-M-O.

So my advice is to have A-M-O kind of day. A Magnificent Opportunity.
Love, Shana


7HAMS said...

You girls are hilarious!! I'm sorry that you are having to go through so much yucky and embarrassing stuff Devree! I've been having to deal with some of it lately too!! It is NO FUN. Sometimes I wonder why we women have to deal with so much yuck!! I think our blessings will be tenfold in the next life to make up for it! Plus, no offense to the guys who read this because I do love men, but I just don't think they could handle it! You are so amazing Devree and you too Shana! I know that you guys get sick of hearing that but it is SO TRUE!! I'm just calling it as I see it. I can't wait to see you guys again. I know that they do make breast coverings that stick on. I've even seen them at Wal-mart!! I will check it out for you. I'm not sure if it's what Devree wants but at least then she could have some coverage when they lift up her shirt. Maybe we could draw on the stickers and put like "TOP SECRET" on them!! That would surely give them a laugh! I just want you to know that I love you both and I am feeling for you right now. Have a great day!!!

Aunt Becky

Johnson Family said...

I am thankful for you girls and your example of laughing at the tough things in life. I am glad you two can be there together cause you sure make each others life better!
As for a bra that might not be as uncomfortable, I have seen (and wore in my teenage years) bras that snap in the front, between the breasts. I wonder if "less coverage" in the front might mean less pressure or discomfort? Also, if you go the bra route (as opposed to the mermaid route), maybe buy a size bigger than Devree needs, so it's a looser fit, but still gives coverage. And if there is a store Devree prefers to shop at and it is difficult for you to shop at a variety of places, Shana, PLEASE give me ideas, I would love to go find some button-up shirts for Devree and send them your way!
Oh Devree, all this embarrassing stuff...welcome to womanhood slightly a mother/woman you will always be exposing something! :)

walkinourshoes said...

Hi girls,

Wow, I don't like having my yearly, when the doctor is feeling for lumps and such. But, at least that is over and done with quick. I think that the button down shirts might be the trick. Pasties will work, too. Isn't that what Janet Jackson used in the superbowl. Wow, poor Dev's is having to grow up way to fast. This over exposure is really something, hey! Will hang in there. We love you tons. I am going to put your name on the Temple prayer roll, tomorrow.

Love you both, Koe

Hamblin Family said...

Thanks for all of the support. (Bra support?) I knew other women would have some good ideas for making this better. The line nurse was considerate and got 2 washcloths for us today and when the lab drew blood they just stretched her neck on her t-shirt. So I am asking if anyone would like to send button up shirts she is tiny now but she needs a bigger button up the front shirt so it doesn't press against her lines. She needs darker shirts that won't show through and I think that she is wearing size 8-10 in womens or Medium. Devree doesn't feel like shopping. She is very nauseated today and did the V word.

Darcy said...

Those stories sure gave me a chuckle. Here is my idea for the bra: a camisol with a built in bra, they're very light, and really a teenager's "girls" havent' headed south yet, so it's really just about coverage and minimal support. Don't know how that will work with Dev having to "show off" daily, though. Maybe some shoulder pads taped in place could provide her with modesty. Just throuwing ideas out!!

I'm glad you have someone there for advice. The IV food is a fantastic idea! Glad you found out now.
I seriously can't believe how well Dev is handling this- having to "bear herself" to medical staff! I remember having to go in for my first "girly exam" before I got married, and I was so MAD I even was sort of rude to the Dr. - and I was almost 21!!!

Love to you both,

soggycheerios said...

Thanks for the morning laugh. They make some plastic breast pads for nursings moms that are washable. Maybe something like that would work, they are supposed to be comfy. I can't imagine at 15 showing myself, that was a hard enough age without having to be exposed daily.

The Voelkel Family said...

They also have overnight nursing bras that are comfy. There are no clasps on the one I got. You have to pull it on over your head like a sports bra (which could be difficult depending on the range of motion you have with those lines and dressings right there), but it is light weight and wouldn't hold you in as tight as a sports bra would. Plus, the fabric overlaps in front (making it possible to reveal a breast to nurse) which would give you the option of moving/placing the fabric away from the dressings. I don't know if it would work for your needs, but its an option. I would even be willing to send mine to you if it wasn't too "weird". Then at least you could see what I was talking about. Here is a link you can see what I'm talking about.
You might have to just go for less coverage in the end. Good luck and let me know if I can help.

angelicindy said...

the problem with checking email real "quick" at work is situations like today. I laughed outloud. opps!

Some really good ideas out there, and I wish I could add something. I'll just say that I love you! and keep up the positive additude!

sloner said...

OMG this doesn't make sense

oleyfriends said...


I found your blog and wanted to let you know about the Oley Foundation, in case Devree ends up on TPN. Oley offers free information and peer support for patients and families dealing with TPN and tube feeding at home.

Check out our web site at

She might be interested in networking with other teens with IV lines. (Though I have to admit, In 15 years of doing this I've never heard of someone who had to have their line between their breasts!) Try these links in the Meet Patients section. The first one is our online chat forum. On the second link -- I'd recommend calling Alicia Hoelle.

• Meet Patients Section (try all three links)

Best of luck and call if you have any questions.

Roslyn Dahl
Oley Foundation Staff
(800) 776-OLEY