Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

Well I had told the kids that since Devree and I missed being with Todd and the boys during Valentines Day and St. Patricks Day that we would celebrate those holidays here at home again. So yesterday we celebrated Valentine's day. I had set up the table the night before with a red table cloth, chocolate kisses, homemade valentines and put the cranberry juice in the fridge to chill.

The next morning I asked Shay why he got up so early because there was no school. He had this really serious look on his face and then I said "April Fools!" It was before 6 am because we like to read scriptures before Noble and Devree go to seminary. Then Noble gets out of the shower and I tell him the same thing as Shay. Noble says "Wait...yesterday was Tuesday and the day before that... then I say "April Fools!" He was fooled. Devree made Dane cry because she woke him up and said "Dane wake up! We are going to Grandma's!" He hopped right out of bed and put on his pants and then when Devree said "April Fools!" he cried. He wanted to go to grandmas house so badly.

We continued our morning with pink heart shaped pancakes and heart shaped sausages with our red cranberry juice. Devree ate and went to seminary and ironed all of Todd's shirts and went on-line and visited Terry. She was going to play a trick on Terry and pretend she didn't recognize her, but she didn't do it. Then Devree met with Brother Watts for her home schooling. Now she has lots of things to do. She had a fantastic day.

So here it is Thursday and we are all going in different directions, but with the same goal! I hope all of you and your families can say the same. Have a great Day!


walkinourshoes said...

I feel bad for poor Dane. Soon enough and he will be at Grandma's. We leave in the morning. We are driving straight to Grandma's. Aunt Kalene slipped up and told Grandma we were coming. I would have loved to see Grandma's face, she started to cry, too. It will still be a surprise for Grandpa, though. We can't wait to see you.
Love, Koe

The Voelkel Family said...

Wow it sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun getting all your holidays in. I wish I were there to celebrate, too! I love heart shaped pink pancakes and heart shaped sausage is my favorite! lol :) love you guys!

Grandma and Grandpa said...

I finally found someone to help me respond on your blog! I love being able to check up on all of you. This is just wonderful.
We love you,