Friday, April 24, 2009

The Jonas Brothers are COMING!

The Jonas Brothers are coming say 2 reliable sources. The Brothers donated a bunch of money to Target House to build a Karoke stage with all of the fancy lights and features. So the Target House worker told us that they are coming in May to have a party for the finished project. Then Elizabeth, Devree's psychologist said she heard that morning that the Jo Brothers will be at St. Judes in May. So as you can imagine Devree is sooooo excited because that was her "Make a Wish" and it may come true before going to a concert. I am pretty excited because I know that most of the staff at the hospital and at Target House know that Devree is a big fan and I think that Devree will probably get to meet them in person. So Dad you got to send the limited first CD that Devree has at home so she can get them to sign it, so she says she can have something very valuable!

Yesterday and today Devree is getting pretty beat up. The double lumen line has caused alot of pain in her right quadrant with limited use of her arm. They gave her morphine for the pain, but she was wanting more before the 4 hours were up between doses. Now today we are here at 6:30 am for the double MRI's and they will do the lumbar puncture at the same time. I am pretty sure that they will be able to get the spinal fluid this time because it will be done during the MRI. She will have to be sedated for all of this and I hope that the contrast will not affect her this time. The Lumbar puncture is usually sore in her lower back for several days. But that was last time because they poked her 3 times. We hope this time will be lots better.

We also get to learn how to clean her lumen lines and all of the extra work that goes with them today and Devree will get her first burning shot today and we get to meet with our social worker that can get the ball rolling to meet the Jonas Brothers here at the hospital possibly.

I read a very interesting book that our good friend Brenda Griffin let us borrow. I recommend it. At first you will wonder why I recommended it, but keep reading. It is a very interesting perception of God. It is called "The Shack" by WM Paul Young. (Thank you Connie.) It was on the New York Times bestseller list and it is in paperback.

Have a Fantastic Friday. I know Devree and I are looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and hopefully we will get to see the Neumeisters today. They are visiting us from home.


soggycheerios said...

Boy they didn't give you guys any time to work into things slowly did they? Here's hoping the Jonas Brothers can make some of that better.
As for the book, it's by WM. Paul Young, I have a copy if anyone would like to borrow it.

Hamblin Family said...

Thanks Connie, Did you enjoy it or did you think it was too weird? Hey does anyone know of anyone that is traveling to SLC the first part of June? It would be the week after school. I am looking for a way for Shay and Dane to go to a sibling of cancer camp.

Val, Jed, Claire, and Annaliese said...

Hey Shana. I was going to tell you I read The Shack. I've barely told anyone I read it because I didn't want to get into Mormon trouble or something! :) I really enjoyed alot of it. Especially the part about the people having different colors in their spirits and all that when he meets his dad. Overall, it was different and I'm not sure I even understood all of it but it was definitly something to think about!

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Val, you know me, I don't mind a little controversy. I think it is interesting to see other peoples ideas. Did you notice how the author didn't like organized religion? I feel that with a few missionary lessons, that author could be BAPTIZED! HA HA.

Barbie Matsko said...

I was reading the blog today and started to cry tears of joy. You may ask what was so joyful about what I was reading but I think Devree will be getting her wish. Take lots of pictures of you and the Jonas brothers because I think they are coming for you LOL.

Hamblin Family said...

Hey Barbie, Devree had a big smile and clapped when I read your comment. Thanks for reading along.
Love, Shana