Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leaving for St. Judes

The last 1 ½ weeks have been wonderful!!! We planned to post more often than we did last week. Devree only lost her cookies on 2 days out of the whole 3 weeks that she was home. So she had a lot of fun.

Devree tried to pack in as much fun as she possibly could while she was home. Both of the 2 times she got sick were really sad. One time was on a day that she was planning to go to a sleep over at one of her friends. She was looking forward to being together with some of her fellow Twilight fans and talking all night. All day long she was hoping to get ahead of the curve and feel better, but it didn’t happen. They were able to get together the following week though. The other time was when she was planning to have a friend from Fernley come visit her, and they had to cancel. Devree has a lot of friends, and I think she was able to visit with almost everyone.

The other bit of wonderful time at home was spent at a family reunion in California. Devree was able to chill with her California cousins. They had fresh oranges picked from the tree. Easter was fun with an egg hunt and hidden baskets on Easter morning. They all talked and laughed, and ate until they couldn’t take it anymore. Then they all hugged and said their goodbyes.

On the Monday before Devree and Shana flew back to St. Jude’s in Memphis, Tennessee; Shana organized a “Birthday/Going Away” party with the Jone’s family. Barry Jones and I both share the same birthday on April 22nd. It was fun to fill our house full of friends before the girls left. We must have had between 60 to 80 people come by for the send off party, slash B’day party. I’ll add some pictures of the party when I get home this evening.

I have to share something funny before I go. Devree went to a church dance this last Saturday. One of the boys there was teasing her by messing with her hair. She said, “Careful, you’ll make my hair fall off!” His expression was priceless. “He didn’t get it. I don’t think he realized I was wearing a wig.” Devree said.

Love you all!

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