Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Today like?

Well Devree has not been doing her best these last couple of days. The doctors told us that some times the effects of radiation can make you tired and sick for weeks after you are done. Devree did the v word yesterday and has not been feeling up to going to seminary. She got really discouraged last night because I think she was over tired. We went and saw "Race to Witch Mountain" as a family for family home evening. We all felt like a truck ran over us this morning because it made a late evening. Todd thinks that when she doesn't drink enough water, it starts the road to nausea. She still is not eating the way I wish she would. Devree did tell us that yesterday her right eye started watering. Last night when she was crying, it did not cry though.

Yesterday I went to Dayton High School and signed her up for homebound school. Brother Watts will be her teacher. This will help her stay on track to finish her freshman year. She will have all summer to get her work done too. For those times on chemotherapy where she will not feel very well. The St. Jude Psychologist did some testing on Devree and said she is at college level on most things. Devree is thinking of finishing school earlier. I recommended not doing that. I don't think it was that beneficial to be at BYU when I was 15. I don't know how my mother let me do it? I guess because my older sister Kalene was in the same apartment as me, some of the time. But there is no way I could let Devree go to college at 15.

I really don't have to worry about that with Devree because we need to kick this cancer, FIRST! I have now hung up the new family picture on the wall. The one that is one this blog, in the tiny spot on the right. Devree really doesn't like how her face looks, but I love that picture and we enlarged it and put it on our family picture wall. She didn't complain too much!

Here is my message for today. Don't postpone having fun as a family. You never know when something may come and interrupt your life!

Love, Shana


Darcy said...

College at 15! There's a lot of learning and growing and maturing mentally, socially and emotionally that goes on between 15 and 18. Kids in that age range need their parents for support and guidance (even though some protest.) That is way to young to go off to a university. She could always go to WNC for 2 years and then go off to college.

soggycheerios said...

Sorry Devree isn't feeling well this week. These are supposed to be fun weeks, not more of the "v" stuff.

sloner said...

sorry to hear that your feelin sick, i hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy your time home