Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Thank you Grandma Jaynie (Aunt Mary's Mom) for the lovely shirt of I heart boys that Sparkle. You can't tell but it is very sparkly.
Thank you Kim and Sue (Aunt Paula's friends) for the lovely hats and Aunt Paula for the bears and chocolate frogs.
We are doing much better today. Devree wants to buy a green I love St. Judes T-shirt today so she will be ready for St. Patricks day. She is feeling a little less nauseous. In the mornings she feels pretty lousy but throughout the day she feels better and has been eating a little more. But today she gets tested for all of her blood work, weight etc. and she even has to measure her urine for a whole day which she isn't excited about at all.
Yesterday she met Elizabeth who is her psycholigist. Devree decided she needed to discuss things with.


walkinourshoes said...

I love the hat. The big flower is darling. It isn't a sign of weakness to talk to people about feelings. It really helps and is very therapuetical. (sp.) We are excited for you to see Uncle Todd. We love you, tons.
Love, Koe

lusum54 said...

Happy Tuesday!
Love Summer
Be sure to check out my blog in a bit. Posting some cute pics of teh superman outfit you gave us way back when.

Arianne said...

It looks like you're having lots of visitors. Hope you enjoy the time with Todd there.
I really like the short wig, Devree.
I have remembered a couple times that Devree came to the rescue for us--when Aspen cut her nose and when Rhys hurt his mouth and we needed to visit the emergency room peeps. Devree must have RUN over when I called the second time, since she was clearly out of breath. Thank you! Let us know whenever we can return the favors.

Powla said...

I love that purple hat with the big flower! Kim and Sue were so excited to send the homemade knitted caps and the scarf. It looks great on you!

Devree, I am so glad you are talking with a therapist. I think it is a wonderful way to let out emotions and feel normal. I hope you keep it up!

I also loved the pics of the visit from the Hamblin family. Uncle Jeff picking you up like you are a doll! I wonder if it was scary or fun...or both. Lol.

I hope you are feeling a little better. Hang in there, babe.

Lots of love,
Aunt Paula

tammyella said...

well, good luck with the tests my darling, and i'm really glad to hear you're getting less nausious!!!!!! haha well, have a good day tomorow my dear!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Devree, I love your shirt! I think you will feel better after you meet with Elizabeth. . . .it always helps to get your feelings out! You are such a sweetheart! Love, Aunt Celest