Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Race with Glee Run for Devree

THANK YOU KACEY and preschoolers Kyree, Spencer, Ryan, Addy, Kennadee and Brooklyn. I hope I got everyone. I read off of the lovely scarf you made for Devree. She loved all of your pictures and she is eating the yogurt raisins that you raced for raisins. Very clever idea Kacey. Thanks again. We painted Devree's fingernails last night and she has worn the socks.

Today is a good day. Devree got very dressed up, even wore her wig and cute hat. Could it possibly be because she will see Shane at school today? She even ate breakfast and had quite a bit of food yesterday. We are definitely having an up week. There are only 7 more days of radiation. I think she has finally turned the corner on nausea. HALLELUJAH!

I went down to work out this morning. It was very hard to put Todd on the plane yesterday and not have Devree and I go with him. We really want to come home and we kind of went into the "poor me's" last night. This morning I felt like I really need to go to the exercise room and get energized because stress usually makes me want to eat. I ran into a lady from Florida that has a 17 year-old daughter with a cancer that is so rare that only 300 people in the world have been diagnosed with it. The Mom's name is Carol and her daughter's name is Holly. Easy to remember because it goes with Christmas. Carol asked me what religion I was. I told her that I was L.D.S. or Mormon. She proceeded to say that we had our own bible. I said "We have a Book of Mormon but we also have the King James Version of the bible. In fact this year the youth of our church go to "Early Morning Seminary" where they are studying the New Testament and all about Christ's life." She went on to ask if our church was like the Methodist or Presbyterian. I said "Actually we are different. We believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are 2 separate beings with glorified bodies like us. We also believe in the Holy Ghost and we believe he is a spirit. When we are baptized by immersion we believe we can receive a Gift of the Holy Ghost that helps us to choose the right. Another part of our religion is we believe in eternal families and that we can be together after this life if we keep certain covenants." She then commented that she had always believed that families could be together forever. Carol then asked how do we do that? I told her that we have sacred buildings called temples where we make those eternal covenants. We had a wonderful conversation and I told her to go to to find out more or ask me.

Today I will not have the "poor me's". There are so many people that are having a way worse time here than Devree and I. I can talk to others and uplift them. I already talked to a lady from Las Vegas. I almost wanted to hug her because she is from "Home means Nevada, Home means the sage and the pines". (The state song for all of you people that don't know). Her father just passed away and her mother has custody of her 4 year-old nephew that has cancer in his jaw. What a hard time for the grandmother. The woman I was talking to came to be a support for her mom. I told her "That is so important because your Mom has had a double dose of high stress. Losing her husband and now her grandson has cancer." I wish I would have asked their names so I could pray for them too. I just found out his name is Brayden and the grandmother is Brenda. Please pray for them.

Hey Today is the Spaghetti Feed for all of you Daytonians! I will write about it tomorrow. It is at DHS at 6-8pm. It is a pretty inexpensive meal for your family. I wish I was eating with all of you tonight.


Arianne said...

Getting ready to make my cookies for the bake sale. We'll be at the spaghetti feed tonight, too. I wish you were eating there with us tonight, too. What a blessing to be where you are, though, with such excellent care.

paula said...

The feed is from 6-8:00 pm. They have done a wonderful job of advertising it with lots of flyers, phone calls and emails. I hope there is a HUGE turn out! :) I enjoy reading you postings with my breakfast Shana. I pray and cry with you. Hope the next 7 days fly by for both of you!

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

I am so happy that Devree is feeling good today. . . .last week was ROUGH! Can't wait to see you tonight and hear about Shane! I am also grateful that you are almost done with radiation and finally get to have a break from cancer chaos! Love you!!!! Aunt Celest

Darcy said...

Can't wait to see you next week! Sounds like a great missionary opportunity today. I hope Devree's stomach continues to agree with her.
Love to you both

angelicindy said...

i found an article about awareness week and the spaghetti feed at Great article and where do I sign up for a Team Devree shirt?!

BECCAV said...

i am so bummed that i won't be able to make it to the spaghetti feed tonight..... i have class. but as always my prayers are with you both. i have a few questions.... a) is there a physical address to which i can send some stuff.....B) i was thinking of Deveree the other day and the relay for life. there will be one in Carson city. i am feeling strangely encouraged to possibly get a team together in Deveree's honor. and have it be mostly our "bunch" (ie manny, my brohter, noble, and so on)


tammyella said...

i REALLY wanted to go to that spaghetti thing tonight, but unfortunately i don't think i can get a ride =( it sucks living so far away from Dayton now!!!!! i love you so much my darling, i think about you every day. <3 stay strong!!!!


BECCAV said...

hah...actually i am going to go to the dinner after all. i love you soooo much deveree i am going ot ditch my college class!!!!

it will be all right,

RachelC said...

Hey Devree=]

Im going to the dinner thing tonight...oh and i also got one of your shirts lol their cute=]...I hope your doing good...We all miss you here...and want you to come back...Love ya

Rachel Claypool=]

PaulaShawn said...

FEEL THE LOVE!!!! Devree, I wish you could have seen how many people were at the dinner for you. I've never seen anything like it. People happily waited in line for a half an hour and still waited after they ran out of food and had to find some more. They had a bake sale and sold all the goodies before I got out of the food line and done with my food. They had a silent auction for fun goodies and soooo many purple Team Devree t-shirts. You'd be surprised at how many men and boys look good in purple! We pulled up 5 minutes after it started and the parking lot was already full. What an evening, and all in support of you. You are amazing!!!

You're running down the hill now and gaining speed as you go. We can't wait to see you back here in Dayton!! Love ya!