Monday, March 9, 2009

Feel Better Today!

So we had an interesting weekend. Devree always starts to feel better by Sunday night. I think that being at Breck and Celest' and their cooking! Celest made us "Chicken Pillows". Absolutely delicious! Thank you Celest. I am going to try it at home.

I am so glad that Todd has been here. I have been able to pass off being... as Devree puts it, "The Pill Pusher and the Food Nazi!" Todd and I have been more creative with the pills. We mash them in some yogurt and have a yogurt "chaser" and while she is taking them she has to sing or tell us all the words to Weird Al's "Amish Paradise". If she is still feeling too nauseous, she has to remember "Albuquerque". That is an 11 minute song so that usually does that trick.

While Devree was getting hydrated on Saturday I took Todd to Olive Garden. With my Kroger's card that they give me every week. It is a grocery card like Smith's gift card. Devree doesn't eat so I bought a gift card to Olive Garden. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch and tried not to worry about Devree for an hour. Devree told us to leave so she could rest.

We saw this weirdest car so here's a picture.

We went grocery shopping and finally we were able to get to Breck and Celest's and start our chick flick evening. THANK YOU CELEST and BRECK.
Love, Shana

It was good to be able to be the “Pill Pusher” and “Food Nazi” for Shana. Usually the man gets a job like, “Please boil water.” (Anything to just get us out of the way.) Todd loved feeling useful!!!

Devree did not feel like having her picture taken. But she is feeling tons better, and I want everyone to see how good she looks.

Shana told me that she hates driving in Memphis because of the crazy drivers. So I offered to drive. I politely nodded my head to acknowledge Shana’s complaint and slid behind the wheel (The world is full of crazy drivers! How bad could it be.) St. Jude’s is right down town (Next to the Salvation Army, Soup Kitchen’s for the homeless, and last chance high school for the teenagers kicked out of regular school. There are police cars everywhere. We see at least three squad cars every time we drive.) At night the homeless people walk across the road whenever they feel like it. You have to be very alert, because at night it can be scary if these people happen to have black skin and dark clothes. The wackiest driving experience happened in broad daylight. It was at the grocery store. I wanted to turn left. While I was waiting for my opportunity to go left. A kind on coming car from the left stopped. As I started to turn left, an impatient person behind him drove around. Now both lanes to the left occupied with cars coming towards me. I thought, “Oh, well. I’ll just turn right. Just at that moment, an impatient car from the right drove around a car that had parked in the road in front of the grocery store (This parked car blocked the oncoming right lane.) Now there were two oncoming cars from the right and from the left. It was uncomfortable for a little while, but I finally got out of that situation. As soon as I had safely escaped the parking lot, I humbly apologized to Shana for my silent thoughts. Maybe there was something to complain about after all.

Todd in St. Jude's clothing

I have to say, “Thank you!!!” To all of our wonderful friends at home for helping with our boys. Eric and Carrie have been so kind giving rides to Shay and Dane (The ultimate good neighbors. Carrie that was so kind to include the boys on doughnut day with Robbie! Thank you to Consiglio’s, and Voigtlaender’s for your help with giving Shay and Dane rides. Your support really helps us to make a more stable life for the boys. I am also so grateful to the O’bars, Watts, and Evans for inviting the boys for sleepovers and playtime. Thank you Dayton Sisters at church (and Bob Foster for your meat loaf), for feeding our family. The few hours between work and evening activities make it difficult to do laundry, meals, and all the other house keeping chores.

Love you all!!!


walkinourshoes said...

I don't think I would enjoy driving, in Memphis. Devree looks great in her pictures. Can't wait to see you guys in California.
Love, Koe

PaulaShawn said...

Hey, two Hamblins made the newspaper! Here's the link

You've not been forgotten! We had a fun wild week with tons of Heussers and some Rowleys here for Emma's baptism. It was wonderful! We've been thinking of you tons even though we haven't posted.

Had an amazing stake conference yesterday and we even got to hear from our prophet! We are all so blessed to have the knowlege that we do. He told us to build our foundation on D&C 88:119 and we will have happier families and stronger testimonies.

So many people I talked to there asked about you and said that they have fasted and worried about you. You have so many friends!! Some of the Douglas people are coming to the spaghetti dinner fund raiser on Wednesday!

Have a good evening. Stay hydrated!!!

walkinourshoes said...

Dear Evree, this is Kylee, I love you and can't wait to see you at Mamma's. (that's Grandma's)

I saw the newspaper article. That's awesome that they are having fundraiser for you. I would love the spaghetti dinner. You would know that from my blog. I ate two ways, by mouth and osmosis. Sure love you.

Love, Kylee

The Welch Family said...

So nice to talk with you all today. You are so right about the Memphis drivers. I have lived in NYC, FL, NC, and Ecuador....nothing compares to this. We have been run off the road at least 3 times so far. Thanks for sharing the crazy porta potty on wheels photo.

7HAMS said...

I went to the link to check the 2 Hamblin's that made it into the newspaper. That was a really cool article showing how amazing people can be. I was really impressed to see that total strangers were willing to do so much to help out your family. It was great! Good to see Noble and Dane in the picture. They look like they are having too much fun!! It was so good to come down and see you guys. I wish we could have been there when Todd was there but it just didn't work out. Maybe next time. Love you guys and my prayers are with you. Love, Becky

Barry and Jeanni said...

You know you are in the south when..... you see someone carrying their outhouse around town in case they have an emergency :)

tammyella said...

it's so great to hear you're doing well my dear!!! you made my whole day great by calling me on saturday =) i miss you soooooo much, and i can't wait to see you when you come home!!! (after you spend the first week or two with your family of course) love you!!!


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

It was a FUN weekend! It was great to have Todd here too! Love, Aunt Celest