Friday, March 27, 2009

Super Duper Saturday!

I forgot to say for those that want to know what we are fasting for... we are still fasting that Devree will get her eye to close and make tears and that she will get her smile and expression back on her right side.

We are planning to have a lot of fun tomorrow and we will blog about it later. Noble is going to get contact lenses, Devree is going shopping for books with her friend, we are going to Fernley to visit friends and possibly ride horses, then Devree is going to a "Twilight" party.
Love, Shana


schumannfamilyadventures said...

Hey Devree, Bailey wanted to make sure you knew about the Nightworld Books she says to make sure and get them they are Awesome, there are three she has read 1 and 2 and we are on our way to purchase #3 as our lame book stores finally got them in you've probably had them forever but things seem to reach us at a turtle pace! Have tons of fun with Grandma Schumann aka Aunt Danawn,yummmmmm can you taste peach milkshakes at G+G Rices????We wish we were there to go shopping with you and watch Twilight with you Bailey's highschool on Friday watch it they had eighteen classrooms all watching Twilight at the same time! We can't wait for New Moon!We love and miss you and hope you have tons of fun, I think Koe and Kylee are coming over to see you too which means more fun yippee! Take care laurie

Hamblin Family said...

During school did they watch Twilight? We will have to look at those books you suggested.

schumannfamilyadventures said...

yes during school they watched it.... this last year saw alot of older teachers retire and new young ones come in needless to say the vibe at Bailey's school is young hip and cool lots of the teachers are Twilight fans also.... she loves all her teachers they have tons of energy and are excited to be teaching she is busy working in the school play they are doing Pygmalion or as I like to say My Fair Lady since I did not know that Pygmalion was the original script..... she has two small parts and is excited as this is her first highschool play!We hope you had a fun weekend and are feeling better now that you are home.... there is nothing better than being home! Lots of love from Ballard, Laurie Bailey and Brody!