Monday, March 23, 2009

Great To Have The Girls Home!

It is wonderful to have Shana and Devree home. Everything seems to be back to normal. Shana and I dread the thought of being apart for the 4 months of chemo that will begin on April 22, 2009.

Things were not back to normal immediately. I thought we had done alright, but there were a few things that Shana and Devree pointed out right away. There were very light muddy dog footprints where the rug for wiping your feet should be. Devree asked why the rug had been moved in front of Shay’s bedroom door. As I was asking myself why I hadn’t noticed, Shana went on to ask me why 2 pictures were missing off the wall. At this point I was feeling embarrassed about missing something so obvious. (We found 1 picture on the floor nearby, but the other picture is still missing.)

The sisters at church asked me if they could come and clean. Next time I’ll have to consider that more seriously. I’m sure these good women would have noticed things like that.

I thought we had done ok with bathrooms, but Shana disagreed and quickly remedied that situation.

Shana was willing to let me assume the duties of “Food Nazi” and “Pill Pusher”. I am happy to help with that job. Devree says that Grandpa Hamblin is her favorite “Food Nazi”. If she would eat 3 potato chips, he would eat 1 on the sly and let her take the credit.

Devree looks great!!! She has good coloring, good spirits, and she is happy being able to sleep in her own bed. However, she is as skinny as a super model, and there is no camera to add 10 pounds. We will have to work on fattening her up. So if you have any ideas for adding pounds… Devree needs you!!!

Lots of love to all of you!!!


sloner said...

nice to hear your home. if your parents are serious about fattening you up, i've been doin nothin but eating and sleep for 2 monthes, and now i have gut. enjoy your time home

shadowpaw17 said...

fattening up is easy(:
just eat lots of yummy junkish foods, and lay around all day. thats what i do....but im not gaining any weight. Not the point tho!

-Love Leah Wall

The Welch Family said...

So glad you all are home. Praying for lots of fun, relaxing days. We have used heavy whipping cream for Valerie Grace to gain weight. While in chilly Memphis, I enjoyed hot chocolate with spray whipped cream and chocolate sauce (which added 10 lbs quite quickly :)


Darcy said...

Ice cream, butter, cheese. But really, you may want to talk to a nutritionist about this because you don't want her to get high cholesterol while trying to get her to gain weight. So I guess you'd need some high fat nutritious foods... nuts, avocados.

angelicindy said...

darn. I was going to suggest twinkies, but that's probably not nutritious either :). Glad to hear your home!

Emily said...

WAHOO!!! Welcome home Devree!!!!!!

Hamblin Family said...

Actually the nutritionist suggested the whip cream, butter, cheese, ice cream. The junk food was not suggested. Todd brought home some blueberry muffins from Costco. We hope that all of the things we are cooking can entice her. I ask her "Does ? sound good? I ask her about several different types of food everyday. I gain what she looses because I am a stress eater!! It is so wonderful to be home, but I miss people that I got to know at St. Jude's like Celeste. But you can bet I am making every minute count while I am home and living the HERE and NOW!
Love, Shana