Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christmas in March???

Devree has been feeling the love (Lots of letters and packages that helped her through the down times). We learned that sometimes the siblings of cancer kids will pretend that they are sick so that they can get attention too. Well Aunt Mary & Uncle John wanted to make sure the boys were feeling loved too. So they put together a package for Noble, Shay, and Dane.

Shay is so excited to open his packages.

Dane is showing off his share.

Noble is trying to go and hang out at Joey and Jason Joiner's house, but he can't help but get caught up in the excitement. Ray King is taking pictures for us. Could Shay's smile be any bigger? They were all having a lot of fun!!!

Shay and Dane happily hugging.

Displaying all of the treasure!

Thank you so much Aunt Mary and Uncle John!!! It was like a Christmas in March at our house.

Devree had packages waiting for her at home. She especially loves her "Cars" pillow case. Mater the tow truck is her favorite.

The Devree report is that she got a little low on fluids and was worn out on Tuesday. She ate 2 or 3 crackers and then slept for 30 minutes. The soda in the crackers settled her tummy and she was able to take her pills without throwing up. She was able to catch-up on her fluids today, but is still battling a little tiredness, aches and pains. I guess that goes with the territory (Now it is Thursday morning and Devree is back to feeling good!).

We found out that the young women at church had all coordinated to wear their "Team Devree" shirts. Poor Devree missed out on that. We felt bad about it, beacause Devree was so adamant about not missing her young women's night.

Love you all!!!


sloner said...

merry christmas

walkinourshoes said...

Wow, happy days at the Hamblin house. I am glad that Devree is feeling good today. We can't wait to see you.
Love, The Jensen's

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

We sure miss you guys! Glad to see that the boys are getting lots of love too. We had a fun youth activity last night and we wished Devree could have been there. We think about you every day! Hope you are enjoying your time at home. We Love You All, Aunt Celest