Monday, March 2, 2009

Manic Monday

Becky and Jeff holding Devree
Liz, Devree, and Jessica

Kaylun, John, Becky, Jeff, Liz, Mary, Jessica, and Devree

This is Kaylun, Devree, Mary, John, Liz and Jessica is sitting on the floor.

So our weekend was fantastic and Devree ate and held everything down. She absolutely loved the Jonas Brothers movie. We were there with about 5 other girls and one mom. For 70 min. Devree got to be a normal teenager. She ate her popcorn, drank her soda, sang every song and clapped and laughed along. The girls behind us were standing, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. The mom apologized to us after the movie for their behavior. I told them "Oh we enjoyed their enthusiasm." She told us that they traveled clear to Dallas for a Jonas concert. We said we have never got to go to a concert.

Then the relatives came. The lady calls up to our room and said "There are alot of people here to see you." I said "YEA!" I gave them a tour and took them upstairs and we laughed and went to eat at Wendy's and played "Apples to Apples". Devree got the first 3 green cards and you only need 4 to win. But Mary whoooped us all!

Jessica and Elizabeth stayed with us and the rest we had to have them leave at 10 to go to a hotel because we were being LOUD! and quiet time is at 10pm. They stayed in a hotel and the next day we gave them the grand tour of the hospital and Mary and Becky just about bought out the whole gift store. Devree got her St. Jude sweatshirt she wanted. We went to Breck and Celest' and partied till about 11:30pm. I tried to drive back to Target House but it was BLIZZARD conditions. It was so beautiful but the van I had in was not fun to drive. So we camped at Breck and Celest's and the other adults went back to their hotel that was on the edge of Germantown. The next day there was no church, so we partied again until all of the MO people had to go home. WHAT FUN! THANK YOU CELEST and BRECK For being such great hosts.

Have a Manic Monday kind of day because Devree and I have a 8-5 kind of day.


walkinourshoes said...

What a fun weekend. I am glad that Devree kept everything down and had fun. I love the game apples to apples. We hope you have a wonderful Monday.
Love, Koe

lusum54 said...

Family is the BEST huh!
So happy that you all
had a GREAT weekend.

KyandTammie said...

Oh my guys had a blast!! So...Devree had three green cards and Mary ended up winning??? Sounds a little fishy to me!! So Shana...did you play Buzzword???

I loved the update on the boys.

I loved seeing the photos of all the family together.

We love you!!

Stephanie said...

So glad to hear that you are having fun with your family. Love to see Devree smiling. Love Devree's hair!

tammyella said...

haha so glad you're having fun Devree!!!! haha you should try to call soon if ou can, cuz there's been a lot goin on over here (in short, I GOTSTA BOYFRIEND!!!!) and i'd really love to hear how you're doin!!!! love ya tons!!! <3


Jeff Young said...

What are you talking about? Jeff and John Hamblin are NEVER loud! :P

angelicindy said...

the pictures were fantastic! It's so good to see everyone. As for loud... that's why family reunions are in the woods so we don't disturb anyone but the wild life :)

Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

The pictures turned out really cute! Too bad we didn't have time to play Buzz Word. . . .Shana's favorite game (NOT)! Kaylun taught us a really fun game (Signs) and we all had a good laugh playing that one. We enjoyed meeting Devree's Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins this weekend. Love, Aunt Celest