Saturday, February 28, 2009

Valentines Day & Noble's Cruise

What to say about home…

In Noble’s words, “I was wondering what the house would look like when I got home from the cruise? Totally destroyed, or like mom keeps things?” The house is definitely not destroyed. However, there are some differences. I set up a card table behind the sofa in the living room. It was covered with folded laundry. Sometimes the card table is set up in the bathroom so that I have a quiet place to do bills. (Mom never did that!!!)

The cruise was wonderful! Noble really had a lot of fun. He loved the entertainment and THE FOOD!!! There was one place that the boys could get a pizza 24/7. All of Noble’s pictures were of the beautiful places, and things he saw.

Noble, Kyle, and Manny's Ship

Noble in a Shuffleboard photo op.

The ship's pool. Noble said it was brrr cold. It sure looks fun though.

This bar of piano keys surrounding a piano was impressive to Noble.

Noble said that the towels were folded into a new shape every day. He had pictures of all the different shapes.

There were also photos of very stunning and beautiful scenery. These guys had a blast the whole time they were there.

Shana gave us specific orders to not sit home and be sad. So we have really kept a busy schedule. Shay has had basketball games. Dane and I went to Winnemucca for a Bud Fitzgerald’s baptism (I gave the Holy Ghost talk) and we had a wonderful visit. Shay went to a Klondike Derby. Noble went on the cruise. We went Geo Caching with O’Barr’s. Today we went sledding.

A shot of Shay before his next heart throbbing run down the hill.

Dane said he was tired and ready to go home. But he had a smile on his face and a donut in his hand from the Elder's Quorum. They also provided hot chocolate.

The “Super Sibs” chart has happy faces for all three boys.

I never told you about Valentine’s day. The day before I gave Shay & Dane the talk about how I want them to help with the chores, and when they complain or don’t help it makes me feel like they don’t care. (I have heard that speech from Shana to the boys, and from my mother to me when I was younger.)

Shay took my words to heart. The next day I woke up to Shay busily making breakfast, and Valentines notes all over. My breakfast plate had, “DAD – BOOP BOOP DEDOOP I LOVE YOUP.” My shoes had pictures of hearts on them with notes that read, “HAVE A WAKADOODLE DAY” and “its all for you just for you.” Then when we got in the car there was a note on the steering wheel and a big “I love you” heart. He was a great helper throughout the day.

Todd and the boys display the Valentine's Day package from Shana & Devree.

Manny dropped by to say hi real quick, and he took a picture of us. Then we decided to decorate Manny and take a picture of him.

Then I took Shay and Dane to their Primary Activity at church where the kids made gift vouchers. I had vouchers for hugs, and will help with anything, etc. Dane came back with vouchers that said, “Read me a bedtime story.” And “play video games with me.” Shay and Dane were both really wonderful and fun to be with.

Well, that is our update.

We love you all!!!
Todd, Noble, Shay, and Dane


lusum54 said...

Glad to see you are keeping busy, how could you not with 3 boys. Beleive me , I know :)
Love ya Summer

Darcy said...

I love cruises!!! Yummy food. Glad Nobel got to do that.

walkinourshoes said...

It looks like you all had a fun Valentine's Day. Noble I love the cruise pics. So glad to see that you all are doing well.
Love, Koe

KyandTammie said...

Yea..I loved the boys update! I am so happy Noble had such fun on the cruise. Dane and Shay look like they had fun in the snow and what a great Valentines you all had.

Lots of love,

Manalope Extrem said...

Those are some of the good pics from the cruise but there are more i hope to make a video :) lol I didnt know i looked so rediculous in all that valentines stuff. I think the cruise worked on noble!!! I'm thankful for that and your dad convinced him to be in track so that is awesome. There is a lot! going on over here for you bud!!! They have devoted this whole next week of school to you they are doing fundraiser after fundraiser. Noble and Dane got there picture in the newspaper today from a Chainsaw Contest benefit FOR YOU but in the picture it looks like he is trying to crush Danes head :) It is comforting to hear everything about you bounce around school, because a part of you is still with us. That doesnt mean that we dont all miss you immensely but we are doing a spaghetti feed for you on wednesday, and the jazz band is gunna play. Oh at festival we did pretty good the concert band got a 2 and the jazz band got a one minus. Renee and I had our six month anniversary yesterday. Um we have a track meet on saturday but noble cant go, but i am i hope i do well i dont want to be the worst again.... I hear that you are come home at the end of the month some time cant wait for it!

lol You know you will never get rid of me :D
but hey thats life

well thought that you would want an update, miss you and hey mommy (Mrs. Hamblin) miss you too the hamblin house hold is not the same without its balance of genders lol
well once again i have exhausted myself writing night!

Love Your other brother, Manny