Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Radiation is not a RACE!

THANK YOU KACEY for having your co-op preschool think of Devree. So Devree's comment for your 3 year-olds is you have to say it like "Little Rascals" the movie, "You're gonna run the race, You're gonna win 1st place, and you Mom has a PRETTY FACE!"

THANK YOU CHRIS and CINDY for the lovely cards. They will come in handy sending out Thank you's to all of those that send stuff.

THANK YOU WORKMANS for the lovely notes and pictures. Kirsten you sure are a good artist.

THANK YOU SHANNON for your comment on the blog. I had to have a serious talk with Devree to repeat that her job is to do what the doctors ask, to have a good attitude and to exercise those facial muscles even when you don't feel like it and to EAT even if it doesn't sound tempting because if she loses too much weight they will have to hospitalize her and not let her come home after her radiation. She didn't think about that one! Devree told me that "Yea the doctors told me all of these side effects and I thought, I will be different and it won't happen to me. But now they are happening to me and I am a little MAD!" I told her that this healing process does take the range of emotions and it is a lot like the steps of Grief because you are feeling grief over the loss of your health. So I think that Devree has gone through disbelief, denial and anger. We are slowly working toward acceptance and moving on from there.

There was a really good quote that was given on Sunday. "Be Kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."


Wibbit said...
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Wibbit said...

So devree...when I get there I can help with the food thing. lol. If you find a bag of chips that doesnt make you nauseous or saltine crackers you should constantly eat them here and there along with meals and that could help you with that. But when we come up there we should go eating at a pizza place. I LOVE pizza and Imagine you do to!!! Well Just think tomorrow is a mutual (if you feel up to it) thursday is a relaxing day and Friday I'LL BE THERE!!!! YAY!!!! I can just see you jumping up and down with this amazing gift I'm about to give you!!! -_o Well if you need anything give me a call and let me know and I'll try to bring it to you!!! I have a couple of friends praying for you and some of them are always asking what's the update today? Its amazing how much they care even though they haven't met you. Well, I LOVE YOU!!!!! **MUAH** Thats a big sloppy kiss. lol. Well see you in 3 days!!! (thats a little number hehehe!!!)

tammyella said...

oh yeagh Devree, better eat up if you might not be coming home!!!! if you can't come home soon, i might have to drive down there and kick your butt over here myself!!!! lol XD god i miss you my darling......i don't know what i'd do if your dearest madre didn't do these blogs, and for that Shana i thank you. =) i love you so much my dear, and i pray you'll keep holdin on the best yo can and make the best of every single day until you can come home again =) miss you!!!!!!


Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Hi Devree, I guess we are going to have to sacrifice (ha, ha) and eat more ice-cream together!! Love, Aunt Celest

KyandTammie said...

Hi Miss Alice,
You are certaintly entitled to every emotion you are feeling! I would be angry too!

I think it's so wonderful you have family coming to see you this weekend! Yea!!

Try to eat...I know it's a drag when you don't feel like it but....it will help speed up recovery and you can go home!!

We love you,
Uncle Ky and Aunt Tammie

angelicindy said...

I struggle with the grief cycle too. Sometimes I feel sad about all the things that I miss. Then I get angry that I can't get my body to do what I want. Eventually, I realize that I'm happy with what I've accomplished and how I've lived my life.

Unfortunately, it's a little like hair care... Wash, rinse, repeat. Sad, angry, acceptance, repeat. :) I always make sure that I allow myself to have bad days, but I'm careful never to ask why me? I think it helps keep my attitude where it should be. Sounds like Devree does this too. It's hard and I just want her to know that her friends and family understand and we're there for her regardlesss if she's rinse, wash or repeat :).