Friday, February 20, 2009

MRI Friday

Today for part of her testing here at St. Jude's, Devree is getting a MRI while she is doing mental problems. For example she will have a screen that she watches and a rubber switch she squeezes when she gives her answer. They will be testing little lines that are paralell or weird letters that are tallest or the same. Anyway this helps the doctors to see how her brain is working through the strong radiation she is getting. Her school was cancelled today so she just has radiation after this.

We will be having a big turkey dinner with Emma and her Mom Catherine. Catherine wants to share this big turkey she got from a gift certificate that was given her. Emma is doing well with her radiation and chemo pill form. She is a little nauseated but seems to be doing well. They went to the Pink Palace yesterday and saw the IMAX, and we did too, but we just didn't get ahold of each other to do it at the same time.

The Germantown Ward Relief Society Presidency came to visit me at the Target House last night. That was sure nice of them to drive that far just to see how I am doing. Thanks again sisters.

Yesterday in the elevator Devree had her "Alice Cullen is my favorite vampire" button that the Young Women made for her. This man is talking on his phone but hitting his wife and pointing at Devree's button. They turned out to be huge "Twilight" fans and even like "Moonlight" that the Sci-Fi channel picked up because CBS cancelled it. He told us to go on "" to tell the Sci-Fi channel to pick up this show and make more episodes. We loved Moonlight because it is about a "Good" vampire that is a detective in L.A. Devree and I laughed later because they were TRUE fans of "Twilight" and knew the books well.
HAVE A FANTASTIC FRIDAY! We will blog on Monday.


tammyella said...

haha i'm so glad it sounds like you guys didn't have a bad day today!!! :) i love you lots my dearest Devree, and i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend =)


Shannon said...

Hey doll, you look great. That sparkle is still in your eyes and smile. I love you Devree, I read the Blog everyday. Hey sweetie
I know this is difficult alot of the time. You have to remember.. tell yourself its working all the time. Because your mind controls what your body does. You need to always tell yourself your getting better. Devree I got worse before I got better. I would take 1 step forward, and fall back 3 steps. Its OK, I would cry & think I was never going to get better. But I really believed I would get better . . . So I Did... But remember it doesn't happen over nite. It seems like its forever... God made our bodies to heal and fix itself... It will have faith in your body and what you can do to make it all work. Keep the faith when things get worse, thats the most important time to believe in yourself. Read this letter Often. I Love you Devree, your in my prayers all day & nite.
xoxo xooxx oxoxox oxxxooo xoxoxoxxxo
Love Shannon
& Ray
Mac my bird, Freeway my kitty, Tigger my other kitty, Jack my dalmation, Danny my Border Collie and 9 Fish... I didn't give my fish any names, I don't think I could remember all the names.